Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock brings restful sleep to Android

Popular iOS app Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is now debuting on Android to help you manage your sleep so you can awaken to the day feeling refreshed. Costing $1.99 in the Play Store, the app helps users track their sleep without the need for additional hardware and will wake you up in your lightest sleep phase so you can start your day feeling good and not groggy.

To track your sleep and see how restful your sleep is through the night, Sleep Cycle says that it uses your phone's accelerometer to see how much you move around. As such, the company recommends that you place your phone on your bed at night. This eliminates the need for a sleep tracking wristband or additional hardware.

"Sleep Cycle then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time," the company said noting that the app intelligently "wakes you in the lightest sleep phase."

With the rise of connected, health, and fitness apps and accessories flooding the market, will you be turning to Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock to feel refreshed?

Chuong H Nguyen