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Skylanders Trap Team launching on Android alongside console version

Activision has announced that the next version of their hugely popular Skylanders game will be launching on Android, iPad, and consoles together on October 4. Progress made on the tablet version will carry over to the console version as well, if you're playing on multiple platforms. There will be a Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter pack available that includes a stand for your Android tablet, Bluetooth controller, two characters, two traps, and a display stand, though there's no word on how much that will cost.

For those unfamiliar, Skylanders is a game that involves players picking up real-world figures, scanning the base, and activating the digital character in-game. If you want to check out the tablet gameplay, take a look at the Skylanders Trap Team b-roll video here.

Anyone have kids that are into Skylanders? Have you played any of the previous Android games?

Source: Activision

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  • Gotta buy 'em all! Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow... This is actually really cool. I hope this stuff continues, if it does Android TV could become the first great all-in-one for you home theater.
  • I bought my niece Skylanders for her birthday. Looks really fun. I might pick of up for my own kids to play on their Android tablet. Posted from my Motorola Moto G.
  • This is a great example of why I'll never get a borked tablet again. Got my grandson a Kindle Fire 8.9 (not HDX) for the Freetime, and should have saved my money for a tablet that he could actually grow with. As much as I hate apple devices, this this is compatible all the way back to the 3rd gen. None of the Android devices go back over a year.
  • The Wii and Xbox 360 versions of Giants and Swap force are some if my kids favorite games. I bought a tablet (iPad) version for them and it was pretty lame comparatively. This new version looks way better-I will give it a shot!