Skippable ads coming to YouTube mobile apps

Google announced today on its Mobile Ad Blog that the full TrueView ad experience will be coming to YouTube mobile apps in the same way that it has rolled out to desktop users. TrueView is Google's fancy way of saying that users can skip a pre-roll advertisement after a short period of time if they don't like it. This provides both a better ad experience to the end users who don't want to see terrible ads and better feedback to the companies buying ad placement on videos.

The post points out that implementation of TrueView is still in testing, but early indications are that it is having the same positive effects that were seen when it was implemented on the desktop. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you're starting to see skippable ads in your videos.

Source: Google Mobile Ad Blog

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Why bother? They should know people will just skip the ads at the earliest opportunity.
  • That depends on the Ad/product. If it was something the user thought might be interesting, it is unlikely to be skipped.
  • Right, which is the idea of these skippable ads. Its a way for customers to indicate to the ad company that they aren't interested in the products or how they're being shown, so then companies can respond and hopefully eventually make something that you'll want to not skip.
  • Nightmare.
  • I really can't stand having ads popping up in front of Me and will definitely bypass them as soon as I can. In the same manner I will not install any apps that pipe ads through to my phone. Really, really irritates me!
  • should not be allowed on mobile network (for the data conscious individuals). If it wants to do it on Wifi fine...not mobile that's not right considering...
  • Well to be honest, I don't think the data conscious people are going to be watching lots of YouTube videos on mobile data in the first place. And a 10 second pre-roll ad in front of your 3 minute video isn't going to break your data bank :) .
  • I personally make a mental note to not purchase or support whatever product or service is being pushed at me while im trying to watch or do something else.
  • Same here, that's why I will never subscribe to Netflix either, they use pop-up ads. One still gets through my blocker every once in awhile.
  • That will be nice. We play several videos for our daughter for things like brushing teeth, potty and sleeping. After a few plays we get an advertisement video prior to the actual video. It would be nice to skip the add and go straight to the video. Especially since they don't seem to be based on things we have searched for or viewed or shown interest in.