LG's latest supersized smartphone meets its predecessor

Mobile World Congress

The LG G Pro 2 was announced before Mobile World Congress and while we already went hands on, we've gone back to check it out next to some other LG devices. Namely its predecessor, the Optimus G Pro and its little brother, the G2

Make no mistake, the G Pro 2 is a big phone. But, what's truly very impressive is that it isn't that much bigger than the original Optimus G Pro. With a 0.4-inch screen size increase, the G Pro 2 is just a tiny bit taller and wider. Side-by-side with the G2, there's a more noticeable size difference, but again, not as much as you may imagine with a 0.7-inch screen size difference. 

Otherwise, the G Pro 2 is clearly part of the G2 family. It has traded the glossy back of the G2 and the Optimus G Pro for a more textured finish, though. Find a bunch more family photos after the break.