<img class="lightbox image-large" right size-thumbnail wp-image-1211" title="sharp-880sh-mobile-phone-vodafone" src="/articleimages/2008/11/sharp-880sh-mobile-phone-vodafone.jpg" alt="" width="140" height="150" />One of the more interesting developments with Android is that a lot of smartphone companies that don't have a presence in North America are announcing plans that Android is an option for them.

Case in point: Sharp, known more for their TVs in the US of A, recently said this about Android:

"We select the OS in accordance with the telecommunications carriers' opinions, and we have no intention of setting any OS as standard. Google's Android is one of the options."

So I guess a lot of smartphone makers are smartening up and keeping options open with the open-source OS. Do you think Sharp will get into the Android game? Can they even get a bigger footprint in North America?

[via Talk Android]