HTC Sense 3.0 lockscreen available for EVO 4G

Well, folks, if you're itching to get your hands on the Sense 3.0-touting EVO 3D like most of us with EVO 4Gs are, you can now have a taste of Sense 3.0 that you can download and install on your rooted EVO 4G.  You have to be running a Sense 2.1-based Gingerbread ROM, then download and install the .apk file, reboot your phone, and voila!  A beautiful new Sense lockscreen awaits.  It works by dragging (or pulling, in HTC's terms) the semitransparent silver ring up to unlock and it performs quite smoothly at that.

One caveat I should mention -- the application shortcuts aren't working yet.  In a fully functioning Sense 3.0 lockscreen, you'd be able to drag the ring to an app shortcut (that you have chosen) and the phone would launch straight into that app.

On the brighter side, we do have working music app controls and alarm snooze/dismiss buttons that all work nicely.  Screenshots of these after the jump and download link at the source.

Source: XDA Developers; Thanks to deltatko for the tip!

Sense 3.0 Lockscreen

  • Thanks but I will pass,i'll just wait until I get the Evo 3D...hopefully next month.
  • Hey Jerry, FTR you touch a app on the lock screen and drag to the silver ring in order to launch that app. No biggy i just notice in a lot of the hands on video guys have a hard time launching the apps cuz they try to pull the ring to the app instead of dropping the app in the ring.
  • This is old news, been out since last week, but even better. A version with the shortcuts is nearing completion....
  • Very cool. I've actually got a full sense 3.0 gingerbread rom running on my G2 right now. Check out the front page of xda for the details.
  • Looks cool but I don't think its worth leaving cm7 with lockscreen gestures.
  • I'm so tired of these stories that tease us into thinking we can actually use this when in reality its only for rooted users. Can you guys start titling posts correctly? Attention Rooted Evo 4g users: HTC sense 3.0 lockscreen now available Fixed.
  • take 3 seconds to think before getting all bent out of shape. it says SENSE 3.0 LOCKSCREEN, not sense 1.0 which is what a stock evo would have.
  • Actually deezus has a point. We all know sense 1.0 is stock on the EVO 4G. The title of the post is misleading because those of us with the stock 1.0 might believe that we can have the 3.0 lockscreen through some sort of download. Since it ONLY says sense 3.0 LOCKSCREEN and not SENSE 3.0 COMPLETE, it isn't unreasonable to think it might be possible to add only the lockscreen to the stock 1.0... Deezus might be a bit too bent out of shape, but it would be helpful to mark these news items with the term ROOTED.
  • It's definitely a very attractive lockscreen. Common sense would tell you that it's only for rooted phones.
    Title is fine.
  • How is this any better than Widgetlocker? Seems like a serious step down in functionality
  • I'm running SPB Shell 3D until the EVO 3D arrives. Thanks but no thank you. I'm not interested in (rooting) my phone at all.
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  • Respecting the opinion of the individual above, my vote is to keep the 24 hour format thus eliminating the need for am/pm.
  • Respecting the opinion of the individual above, my vote is to keep the 24 hour format thus eliminating the need for am/pm.
  • I agree 24 hr is the way to go. Besides..... how is this relevant to an evo lockscreen?
  • Very nice lock screen but it is not from HTC so why bother??? Their is always going to be things meant for each device that are specific the lock screen is an evo 3d lock screen not an evo 4g lock screen and to root your device should not have too happen. bottom line just like I bought the Evo 4g in 2010 June and deserved all the evo goodness then I will purchase the Evo 3d this year and get all the goodness of that device when it comes out. The evo 4g was great but that was last year..The evo 3d is now and when next year comes the upcoming new quadcore evo will be the flavor of year come 2012...You purchase what you want yearly if you want top devices. otherwise old devices is exactly that old devices those you can root....
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