Seesmic Twitter App for Android Announced, Looks Great

Android finally has options when it comes to Twitter applications. Seesmic just announced their Android application and after our first go around with it, it works and looks great. It has 4 large, easy-to-press tabs for quick navigation (timeline, replies, messages, and profile) that make for a very smooth user experience. Seesmic also allows users to link your account, choose which photo and video service to use, and share your location, among other Twitter-specific actions.

One downside is that Seesmic doesn't currently support multiple accounts nor does it offer a widget for Android. But other than those missing features, we're sure that Seesmic will find a following in the Android community. Twidroid watch out!

So what you guys think? Seesmic or Twidroid or something else?


  • I'll stick with HTC Peep that came preinstalled on my Eris. It works to well. And if it ain't broke don't fix it
  • WOW! I would go tweet that if I were you. Has to be like a million tweeps wondering what you are doing, going to do next, etc.
  • Does it work with the dedicated search buttons on g1/mt3g? Does it do lists? Does it do native retweet? These are my questions.
  • No, No, Yes.
  • Twidroid has nothing to worry about.
  • My first day or two experience isn't bad. On first sight it appeared to lack many features but on digging deeper they are actually there. Look and feel are good. No search is definite minus compared to Twidroid. Presumably multi-account and list support should not be far down the road?
  • I'm loving seesmic Twitter app on my HTC Hero.
  • It looks great, indeed ... and the design is awesome.
    But the performance sucks and affects the whole Android system, if you use short tweet update times.
    So I finally deinstalled Seesmic and wait until next (more perfected) versions. H1 Müller
  • The layout is great, but it's really slow on my Sprint hero, and it randomly freezes up the whole phone for several seconds. Twidroid doesn't have anything to worry about yet.
  • Yep, same here. Would keep freezing up my Hero also. Plus it wasn't updating when it was scheduled to. Layout seem cleaner, but runs like crap.
  • I've been using Swift, which is much smaller than Twidroid and much faster.
  • Yes! Someone provide some insight here. I tweeted a bit from Bryant-Denny stadium yesterday, but I had to use the main twitter site. I use TweetDeck at home, and I love it (went thru a significant pro/con analysis to commit to it), but I use Seesmic when away from my home computer since it has a webpage interface that TweetDeck doesn't. I was gonna try Twitdroid since I had noticed others using it, but Seesmic might be the better route for me since I'm already familiar with it. Any thoughts / experiences would be appreciated.
  • Peep -> Twidroid -> Swift on HTC Hero.
  • It looks okay, kinda like TwitterRide but not as ugly (or fast). I love the Seesmic interface for user pages, though it could do with search button integration and more notification options. Alot of reviews in Market report Force Closes. Nice to see Android getting more decent professional development. Twidroid would be alright if the dev didn't keep removing features to force people to buy Pro, instead of developing new ones.
  • overall..ill stick with Twidroid...this app is freezing my Droid up to no end
  • Not bad, but feels like all the other twitter apps. Are they all going for the same style? Coming from a Blackberry nothing feels quite right. Hopefully Ubertwitter makes a version for Android soon.
  • There is no instant share after you take photo
  • I like Swift well enough. I didn't like Twitdroid, but Twitta was OK. I might try Seesmic, but I'm not a big user of it on my desktop, so I doubt I'll be won over by it on my G1.
  • Would be good, if it didn't crash all the time. However Twitdroid, just tweeted the release of 3.0, Take that in you Seesmic and shove it.
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