Samsung shows off Galaxy S5 HDR camera performance from 'Sunrise to Sunset'

In a short film titled Sunrise to Sunset, Samsung is highlighting the strength of the Galaxy S5's camera, in particular shooting videos in HDR mode. Shot in Trieste, Italy, the video shows that Samsung was able to pull out great colors and details in some pretty hard shots, like those with dark shadows lit by a bright background, a great function of the HDR mode.

And despite being criticized for lacking optical image stabilization, a video sequence that appears to have been shot on a helicopter looks good.

That said, at the end, the video discloses that "certain images and videos may be enhanced." We're not sure what enhancements and adjustments Samsung may have made to the video.

How are you liking the Galaxy S5's camera performance? Is it all that Samsung is making it out to be?

If you have more questions about the Galaxy S5's camera, be sure to take a look at our walk through.

Chuong H Nguyen