Galaxy Alpha

If you've been holding out on getting the Galaxy Alpha, best do it while you can, as a report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung is looking to discontinue production of the handset as soon as current inventory of materials runs out. ET News states that Samsung will instead by shifting focus to the mid- and entry-level segments with devices like the Galaxy A5.

Samsung's plans for 2015 will see the introduction of the Galaxy A5 in its home market in the month of January or February, which is when production of the Galaxy Alpha is said to be phased out. The Galaxy A5 shares a similar design as the Galaxy Alpha in that it also features metal, but is aimed at a more affordable price point due to the lowered spec sheet. Set to launch for an estimated KRW 400,000 ($365), the Galaxy A5 will be Samsung's main offering in the mid-tier segment. Of course, there is no confirmation from Samsung that this will indeed be the case, so until such time, we suggest you take the news with the obligatory grain of salt.

Source: ET News; Via: The Verge