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Samsung looks to make good on Note 7 recycling promises

Samsung said it would do everything it could to minimize the effect of its massive Galaxy Note 7 recall, and in two stages it is doing just that.

The first is by releasing a so-called Galaxy Note Fan Edition, which reworks the Note 7 into a limited-release handset with a smaller 3300mAh battery running Nougat.

The second, and perhaps most admirable, is the effort the company is taking to recycle 157 tons of rare metals such as gold, silver, copper, and cobalt. It is also going to reuse camera modules and displays, along with some internal system chips.

Much of the Note 7 clean-up effort has happened quietly, behind the scenes, as the company has focused on implementing its new eight-point battery test suite and marketing the Galaxy S8, which has gone on to sell better than its predecessor.

With the Galaxy Note 8 on the horizon, and plenty of speculation about the safety measures the company has put in place to prevent another battery recall, it's good to see Samsung still working on minimizing the environmental impact of what turned out to be its biggest crisis in its history.

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Would be better for the environment, and their bottom line if they released all of them as FE versions, and delayed the Note 8 until they had it 100% ready. But of course, now they're like Apple; they can pretty much survive any hit to their reputation, and all will be forgiven in short order..
  • How can one purchase one of these FE phones?
  • They are available on E-Bay. I seller in NJ this them. Blue
  • I don't think that they can be used on U.S. carriers.
  • International/Korean devices, should be able to run them on T-mobile.
  • Maybe the two GS8+ phones I just bought are made with some recycled Note 7 material.
  • Best part of this article is the "quiet behind the scenes" part.
    That's where Samsung should keep it as they enjoy their bowl of crow for ever releasing it.
    And I don't care if some of them were great phones or not, once they started catching on fire that's it. A lesser company would have folded under the loss. It goes to show you just how powerful Samsung is yet they charge what they do for cell phones, kind of makes me sick.
    One of a lot of reasons I quit using their stuff after returning the S6 I got the day it was released. It was not a good phone nor were the other 2 replacements.
    The Galaxy S4 i had was so much like S3 I had I felt stupid for trading out the S3 for it.
    Just can't stand the smell of going back, to much smoke left over from the Note 7 and bad taste from other's, and I actually liked Touch Wiz.
  • Makes you sick? You've got some issues.
  • Why should they eat crow? They released a terrific phone. The battery manufacturer is where the issue came from not Samsung. It took much research finding the caused of the fires, then when it was definitively determined battery failure caused the fires Samsung changed battery venders. Their next battery vendor had that issue resolved, however another manufacturing issue reared its head; again not Samsung fault. Battery failure was caused by an assembly issue at the battery manufacture. That is not a Samsung issue yet they took the heat and responded appropriately. As for you upgrading then being dissatisfied, prior to that purchase you should have put in more research making sure it was the better fit for you. For your dissatisfaion with your upgrade it appears you did not perform do diligence; do not blame Samsung. Nobody forced you to do the upgrade purchase. Yes, we all have experienced byers remorse; certainly I have. Oh by the way, FYI, it should read "...too much..." not " much...". Also, "...other's... should be spelled "...others...".
  • I don't like Samsung because they are too popular.
    I don't like Samsung because they make a profit.
    I don't like Samsung because they made a phone I didn't like. And as such I'm going to whine anytime Samsung does anything. I'd even bemoan Samsung if they solved global warming and hunger with a single device.
  • Lol
  • Bye!!
  • The Note FE (Note 7 refurb) is now available on ebay with huge scalper markup of course.
  • It says that it will work on GSM networks, but I don't think that you'd get all the services. Also it's $200.00 more than it was supposed to be, with no choice of colours.