Samsung Internet browser now makes browsing on tall screens a lot easier

Samsung Internet on Pixel 3 XL
Samsung Internet on Pixel 3 XL (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung's Internet browser has added an option to move the URL bar to the bottom.
  • The new capability was included in a beta version of the browser that was released earlier this month.
  • The mobile browser has also received a number of new security and usability enhancements.

Samsung's Internet browser is well-known for its handy bottom navigation bar. Now, that section of the browser has received a new update, which should make browsing a lot easier on smartphones with tall screens like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The mobile browser has added the ability to move the URL bar from its typical place at the top of the screen to the bottom. As per the update's changelog, first spotted by a reader at MSPoweruser, the most recent change comes in handy when you browse the web in one-handed mode.

If the UI change looks familiar, it's because a similar feature is available in Apple's Safari browser in iOS 15. However, it's worth noting that Safari isn't the first browser to provide this experience: Windows Phone 8 and higher had it long before Apple, and Samsung has now followed suit.

The feature, however, is optional, and you can enable it by going to the Settings menu and then selecting the Layout and menu section. You will then be able to change the position of the address bar.

In addition, there are other significant features alongside the URL bar placement. These features either improve the usability or security of the Internet browser, including its Smart Anti-Tracking capability, which prevents tracking by using small pixel images. In addition, the browser now has a better search experience in the URL bar, as well as a new feature that prioritizes HTTPS connections.

These features are available in the most recent Play Store version of the Samsung Internet Browser app (v16.0.2.19), following a beta test earlier this month. The best part is that the browser is not limited to Samsung's best Android phones, but can also be downloaded on other devices.

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  • Ahh, yes, the innovation of another feature I used to enjoy on my Windows phones.
  • I thought the same thing. I just popped out my old Lumia last week and remembered this feature when I opened the browser. Oh how I miss the intuitiveness of Windows Phone.
  • Still have my Lumia 950XL, bought together with the Surface Pro 4, killer combination that felt light years ahead of the competition...
  • BB10 had it too. But I do remember a Chorme beta had it back in 2018, but it never made it to the final release.
  • Can anyone confirm if WebOS had this?
  • Personally I like the bar at the top. Yes it's harder to reach BUT if you hold the browsers home button it takes you right to the address bar. It's been like that for 4 years or so. But most people miss that because it's not in their face like the address bar. I hope this helps somebody.