Samsung India Galaxy J3

Samsung India is teasing the launch of a new phone that's aimed at motorcycle riders. Based on the teasers, the device will likely be the 2016 refresh of the Galaxy J3. The affordable Galaxy J series has been off to a great start in India, and rumors suggest that this year's variant may feature a metal body.

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is a part of the promotion, which is called #TapKickVroom:

Not much is known about how the phone will "change the way you ride," but SammyHub notes that the Galaxy J3 will offer a "Bike Mode," which will mute all notifications when enabled, as well as "notify the caller to reach the user after some time."

If the feature does make its way to the Galaxy J3, it will be a valuable addition, as driving on Indian roads is chaotic enough without the added distraction of notifications. Especially if you're on a two-wheeler. With the phone slated to debut later this week, we'll know more about what Samsung has to offer on March 31.

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