Galaxy S4 extra battery kit.


Removable batteries in smartphones are becoming less common, but Samsung still includes a removable juicer with each of its handsets, allowing a second one to be swapped in on a long day. And Samsung's official extra battery kit for the Galaxy S4 provides you with a second battery, along with a couple of extra things to help you manage the switchover.

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Galaxy S4 extra battery kit.

The kit consists of three main parts. There's the battery itself, which is identical to the one that comes with the Galaxy S4 -- a hefty 2600mAh unit. Next there's an external charger which can be used to charge it over microUSB. And finally, a small, clear plastic case designed to protect your spare battery when it's out and about.

So the concept is pretty simple -- you get a way to charge whichever battery isn't in the S4, and a way to safely carry your spare around with you when it's not in use. The external charger is lightweight and made of plastic, with a glossy finish on the door, which opens outwards. Inside there's a slot for the battery and a charging LED above it so you know when it's done. The charger charges over microUSB at 1.7A, only a little less than the 2.0A the Galaxy S4 wall charger provides to the phone.

The plastic battery holder is fairly basic, but it clips shut securely, protecting the spare battery from knocks while it's out of the phone. It also adds very little bulk to the battery, meaning it doesn't take up too much pocket realestate. 

Doubling up on batteries is a simple but effective way to greatly increase your Galaxy S4's useful time away from a wall socket. Of course, there are alternatives like extended batteries and external USB batteries, but an extra battery doesn't add any additional bulk, and doesn't require you to hook up your phone to another device for a long period of time.

The official Samsung Galaxy S4 extra battery kit is available from for $47.95, 4-percent off the standard list price.