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Samsung Galaxy S3 was Q3's most-shipped smartphone

In case the recent 30 million milestone didn't give it away, Samsung shipped rather a lot of Galaxy S3s this summer. So much so, that S3 shipments eclipsed those of Apple's iPhone 4S during the third quarter, according to the latest numbers from Strategy Analytics. The firm's statistics for the Q3 2012 indicate that the Galaxy S3 shifted 18 million units worldwide, compared to the iPhone 4S's 16.2 million and the iPhone 5's 6 million.

Of course, things aren't quite as one-sided as the numbers would suggest. There's a good reason people weren't buying as many iPhone 4Ss during that time -- the iPhone 5 was looming large, with new features for iOS users, including a larger screen and LTE support. What's more, Q3 saw the Galaxy S3 launch in several key territories, including North America and Samsung's native South Korea. Also note that these are units shipped, not necessarily phones in consumers' hands.

So it's highly likely that strong sales of the iPhone 5 will launch Apple back to the top spot in Q4. Nevertheless, Samsung will be pleased that in this instance at the very last, it was able to best Apple's numbers.

via Engadget

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Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Good job, Samsung. That's Just more ammo for Apple lawsuits.
  • Love the photo
  • Oh on... who ever published this news will get sued by Apple. Watch out. LOL :)
  • Wasn't it reported that sales of the S3 actually increased after the launch of the iPhone 5? It will be interesting to see what the numbers are at the end of Q4.
  • I'm so tired of the fact that whenever someone does better than Apple or Apple does not perform as expected, so much time is spent trying to make an excuse for Apple and then something is said like, "next time they're sure to be on top again." Just months ago the story was, "well as soon as the iPhone 5 comes out, no one is going to buy Samsung." Just accept the fact that peolpe like Samung's Galaxy line, and Apple is no longer the only "elite," or innovative choice. Congrats Samsung!
  • Come on now...16.2M iPhone 4S + 6M iPhone 5 = 22.2M iPhones. 22.2M > 18M. Don't get me wrong, I have a GS3 and love it, but let's not spin stats to say we are winning. Just about everyone I work with has an iPhone. I still feel like the non-conformist.
  • I am sure the galaxy s2 is still selling in a lot of markets. Can we add those too? can we add the other Android phones Samsung ships? Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most shipped phone last quarter. Period.
  • Feel Lucky, you couldn't give me an I-Phone. I enjoy the flexibility of the Android OS way too much to change to a locked down, over priced phone that is just boring as hell IMO.
  • - iPhone fans have been saying "Android sells so many different handsets, obviously they are going to sell more phones than Apple". Now one single model has sold more than the current (at the time) iPhone. - If you're going to include multiple iPhone models in your numbers, you at least have to include the comparable models of Galaxy devices.
  • So as you point out, lets add all Apple smartphones with all Samsung smartphones, ok then... Q2: "Samsung sold 52 million smartphones into distribution channels, according to the latest report from Juniper Research. Samsung’s Q2 smartphone shipments actually doubled the 26 million smartphones that Apple shipped on the quarter"... You were saying?
  • There is nothing "spun" about those numbers. The fact is that the Galaxy S III is the most shipped smartphone of that time frame. Period. THe iphone 4S and iphone 5 are two different phones. If you want to add up numbers of multiple phones from retailers, then add up all of Samsung's different phones shipped around the world too and add those to the mix...but again, those would be different stats.
  • agree with the above stats... also who cares if more people buy the phone you like ? I will never get it.....
  • What I found really comical was Renee Witchie from Imore, right after Alex put this up Renee was on his Twitter Twittering away with his counter jabs. He was all shook up and in a dither. I had just seen this article put up and no less than 10 minutes later Renee was Twittering away. What will he do when Android takes over the world. hahahahahahahahahah
  • I think the other Android manufacturers have got more to worry about from this than Apple ;o)
  • Fully agree. I hope we never reach a point where the typical consumer thinks android = samsung. I don't know how many manufacturers could survive if Samsung took over the android market and everyone else was fighting for the crumbs.
  • I am really disappointed to not yet see the troll who will post its 'shipped' and 'sold'.
  • I actually know ALOT more people now with Android phones than iphones. And a lot of people with the Galaxy S III...people who I would have never expected to get it. A friend also just got one for his sister in Eqypt, and said he was shocked that everyone there was Galaxy S III crazy, whereas he expected them to all have and want iphones.