Samsung Galaxy S vs HTC Desire running Quake 2 [video]

We've already seen the Galaxy S can run 3D games rather well, but how about a side by side comparing the Galaxy S Hummingbird/Power VR combo against the Snapdragon and Adreno chip in the latest HTC handsets?  Android Central forum member ConceptVBS found a YouTube video of just that -- a Galaxy S and an HTC Desire both running Quake 2 side by side. 

The Galaxy's beastly processor and GPU combo perform just as expected, and seeing it beside a known performer like the Snapdragon shows just how much better it will handle 3D gaming.  But enough spoilers -- check out the video after the break. [YouTube via Android Central Forums]

Youtube Link

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  • That is amazing how smooth that runs on the galaxy S
  • Yeah, this alone almost made me reconsider giving my Evo back up to get the Epic. However, I don't like how Samsung always tries to copy the Iphone OS UI. They're always comparing each other.
    For example, remember the Samsung Instinct? Always tried to compare the two.
    That and the Epic 4g's keyboard/slider form factor is a turn off. Anyway, I found some games that work nicely on my Evo.
    High end 3D Games are possible... Just need to rebuild the game ground up for better coding. :) Check out the "Graphics Processor" thread in the Evo forum. I have a whole post about the Snapdragon processor. Good Games on the Evo (* means graphic intensive):
    *Raging Thunder II
    *Exzeus Arcade
    Hungry Shark
    Let's Golf!
    Tiki Towers
    Caligo Chaser
    Gameboid with Pokemon :). Played that the most tbh. There are more of course... look around.
  • I agree with u a 100%
  • Dude.... that's insane!! The Hummingbird in the Galaxy S is humming away. BTW, is the screen flashing red due to blood splatter? The Froyo FPS test comes to mind, with the flashing red screen to show slowdown... that's why I ask... Still awesome though. EDIT: BTW... where to download Quake 2??
  • flashes red when you've been hit. You can Google Quake2 Android and find the port, not sure where right off hand.
  • Yeah, seems about twice as fast as the desire. Impressive demo. I still think that a more realistic comparison will be the two phones running this on froyo.
  • This is a realistic comparison too. Both chips running 1Ghz, both have 512MB Ram. Only difference is the cpu/gpu.
  • Id like to see the moto x in this, benchmarks show the x as higher but specs say the opposite.
  • Wow, that's a big difference! Runs super smooth. It's like AGP vs. Crossfire/SLI. ;) My coworker is planning to get the Epic 4G when it comes out. But he said if it's too bulky for him, he's willing to trade it with me for my Evo. :p
  • Same here. I think I'm going to order the X anyway. I can't stand to wait any longer.
  • Nice results but it was pretty obvious the PowerVR was gonna beat the Adreno. Now what I really like to see is gpu and cpu benchmarks between the Galaxy S and the Droid X...
  • AWESOME! One of the main reasons I decided to return my Evo and wait for the Epic instead :)
  • Cant wait for it to hit AT&T cripped or not. Looks great.
  • Thanks for making my decision on which 4G phone. I love sense... but yeah, I can part. Will try out TouchWiz (maybe stop into a T-Mo store when their version comes out) and see if I could live with it, or at least try to go back to stock/launcher pro
  • I can't see any reason why you can't just install ADW or LauncherPro over the top of Touchwiz and run it instead.
  • How do we know these arent just videos of gameplay?
  • They ARE videos of game play. Its a demo gameplay reel.
  • this is all good, but if there aren't a lot of android 3d games to play, then the graphics performance doesn't really mean much in the end.
  • HOLY CRAP I JUST FOUND MY PHONE! I had a Samsung Moment on Sprint and really liked it, now I'm on Tmobile and for sure I am getting one of these.
  • pretty impressive. Im so confused at this point. I already returned my incredible becuase of poor battery life and because of the X. Now after looking at the Fascinate...i wish there was a release date, idk what to do. samsung or moto?
  • You could get the X, when it comes on the 15th and return that too within the 30 days. Maybe it'll be close to release at that point, or you'll hate the X too.
  • Yeah I hear you. I am in the same boat. But the droid x doesn't have the six axis gyro like the samsung
  • giving up Evo for Epic when it comes out, miss my keyboard...
  • thats sexy
  • I was waiting for a decent side-by-side comparison!
    I'm going to assume that the desire & N1 would run the game at the same rate. The difference is shocking! I wonder what it's like on FroYo?
  • @Soapinmouth and anyone else who doubts the Hummingbird.The Galaxy S is packing a PowerVR-SGX540 GPU while the Droid X is packing the older and less powerful PowerVR-SGX530. Here's your proof. (Scroll down the page to the NEOCORE beanchmark test) and you will see that the Galaxy S will blow the doors off anything you throw at it when it comes to 3d gaming.
  • With the X running a close The X Neocore I seen so far is 44.fps. Thats funny, since the X is using the same gpu as the Droid. Either the 3630 is helping it, the extra RAM the X has over the Droid is, or Motorola, T.I. did some things to the X. Either way, for gaming, the X and the Samsung phones are two good choices. Tough choices too. Anything running a Snapdragon right now cant match these 2 unless they root and do tweaks. Even then they no match.
  • Well damn.... had thoughts of when i played Halo 3 for the first time.. noticing all the detail and whatnot. That is insane! Just made me give my EVO a stern Eye! lol Damn, def will need xda to un-cap my grafx and see where we lookin.... CANT WAIT FOR FROYO + ROOT!
  • @dellibedaboss....While uncapping the EVO's graphics from 30 FPS will help the EVO, it still won't fair any better than the Desire you see in the video. Both the EVO and Desire share the same exact CPU/GPU chipset along with the same amount of RAM. Bottom line....The 1GHz Snapdragon CPU is out-dated and over-hyped. It paved the way and set the bar for mobile processors but both the Hummingbird and the new TI-OMAP CPU's bent the Snapdragon over there knee and beat it like a red headed step child.
  • LOL!! Pretty much. I think that sums it up good. Even the 550Mhz 3430 OMAP in the Droid could go toe-to-toe against the 1Ghz Snapdragon. Most ppl figure since Sense UI makes home screen scrolling smooth, that HTC phones are faster than the X. Like the Inc..... No.
  • You're right Snapdragon is a little overhyped, especially since its GPU sucks so much that it's probably one of the big reasons good 3D games have been delayed for so long on the Android platform. Personally, I can't wait for a Tegra 2 phone in Q4. I believe its graphics performance should beat Hummingbird's.
  • Yea its only the beginning.....some amazing devices will be coming to a store near you. Tegra 2, better versions of the Snapdragon (hope it can hang...) OMAP 4000 Series, and dont forget the Hummingbird. I know Samsung aint gonna stand by and let the next wave of chips one up them.
  • I have a HTC Desire and it is a very good phone. Whilst the above looks good it will come down to if you use games on your phone such as Quake 3D. Me, i don't use games like that, i do use some games but then my phone is a phone not a gaming machine. Looks very good though.
  • Can't say thais makes any difference to me. I like the looks of my evo and its sense and wouldnt trade them for anything. Had a lot off bad luck with dmSamsungs phonesand that has scared me away. And come on, no one can actually say the Epic comes close to the evo in asthetics.
  • I've had my desire since it came out in the Uk and looked at a lot of handsets and reviews at the time and none of them came close to the desire tbh, obviously I can't judge on the new products but samsung and motorolas usability at the time was way below htc's in my opinion. And rly in everyday use I can honestly say I've never had a problem with the speed it runs at or anything else for that matter.
  • I think it would be wise to remember that they are just now releasing drivers for the gpu in the snapdragon, and while it still won't be as fast as the hummingbird, it will be better than this. It's really irrelevant to me anyway because I'm using my ds for portable gaming until the 3ds comes out, and the cpu in the snapdragon will be more than sufficient until upgrade time next june.
  • Hi all, I just want to say this is impossible! I have few things to say:
    1. CPU speed of both phones is 1GHz, that means, that it is always 1GHz not depending on which factory made CPU processor.
    2.RAM memory of desire is higher than RAM of galaxy, and this memory affect on the telephone speed.
    3.I have the desire, and after your test I decided to install this game, it doesn't look similar to what you show us at all. The speed is same as speed on this galaxy here. Why did you put test which isn't true? Why do people always need to find problems in gadgets cause their only reason is that they do not like it?