Samsung Galaxy NX

We were generally taken by surprise when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy NX as a spiritual successor to the original Galaxy Camera, and now we know when and how much you'll have to spend to buy one. It will come as no surprise to camera geeks that this is going to be one expensive piece of kit, but for someone coming from the point-and-shoot camera realm may be surprised.

Samsung is setting pricing at $1599.99 for the body (no lens) or $1699.99 with a standard 18-55mm kit lens, and expects to have it on U.S. store shelves and directly from Samsung starting in October. Now you're certainly getting something for that high price tag — on the imaging front we're looking at a 20.3MP APS-C sensor with a 1/6000 second shutter speed and up to ISO 25600 sensitivity. You also have the proper lens mount for Samsung's range of NX lenses if you're ready to expand your shooting options

Flip the camera around to the back and you have a huge 4.8-inch LCD screen with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2 behind it, giving you tons of possibilities for sharing the photos that you'll be taking with this thing. We're not entirely sure the Galaxy NX will sell that well considering its high price point, but it certainly is going to be one to look at for Android enthusiasts in the market for a "prosumer" level camera.

Source: Samsung (BusinessWire)