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Samsung can sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 again, too bad nobody wants one

The sales injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been lifted this evening, allowing Samsung to once again offer the Tab 10.1 for sale in the US. The decision comes after a California jury found that the Tab 10.1 did not violate patent or trade dress claims as made by Apple.

We're glad that Samsung was able to get the injunction lifted, but the fact remains that someone should be responsible for any lost sales during the time Samsung was not allowed to sell the tablet. If it never violated any patents or trademarks, it's not really fair for Samsung to have lost sales while it was being determined, no matter how exciting the jury foreman thought it all was. 

Update: A friendly legal expert has informed me that Judge Koh has held the $2.6 million bond posted by Apple, and can in fact determine to award part or all of it to Samsung for a wrongfully issued injunction.

In the end it doesn't really matter, as  the 10.1 has been replaced several times over by newer models. Consider this just another example of a biased and broken system, where only lawyers get to win.

Source: Reuters

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • That's the way the law works... Can you imagine if they were allowed to sell it and it did infringe on patents or property? Then people would be complaining that the original guy got screwed and that his reputation and ability has been forever tarnished etc. For example, I come up with a great product, and it's doing well in the market. Another huge corporation copies me and introduces their product, they have the financial capital and ability to completely overtake and dwarf me. I sue them, but if they are still allowed to sell, they completely capitalize and control the market, and even if found guilty, I can at best apply for compensation. It's flawed, I know. No different than somebody being jailed and locked up only to be found innocent at trial. All those months and years of his life behind bar during the trial can't be returned no?
  • It's flawed, I know. No different than somebody being jailed and locked up only to be found innocent at trial. All those months and years of his life behind bar during the trial can't be returned no?
    The victims get compensated though. see Dillon v. Brevard Co, FL and many others.
  • Maybe they can sell any surplus of the older device @ $99 or something similar, as it's not going to attract the fanatics & power users who visit sites like Android Central, but as tablets become more a part of every day life for average consumers, it would be adequate as a low entry level for Grandma, teenagers, children, etc who aren't necessarily interested in raw performance, but rather cheap & functional. Wow, that was a heck of a long sentence, lol!
  • Sounds like an HP Touchpad fire sale all over again.
  • Exactly.
  • That price is right for me.
  • I like your idea.
  • Ill pick one up in November for 150$ just because.
  • Ill pick one up in November for 150$ just because.
  • I would not mind purchasing one of these original Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $100 dollars in a fire sale/discounted prices. Technically they're not that bad. Lot's of tablets still use dual-core processors and 1gb of ram. The biggest thing I've seen so far in tablets are the incremental increase in higher resolution. On the other hand the screen on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is top notch. I remember that the iPad 3 was the only tablet with a better screen in contrast ratios and color spectrum.
  • Possibly this is a good thing, as the Tegra2 tablets were rather mediocre and it's best that they didn't make it to market and spoil the experience of potential Android tablet buyers any more. We're lucky that there are Android tablets, given how Honeycomb and the Tegra2 so sullied the experience. Which is why I found the "Too bad nobody wants one" kind of funny. Note, I own a Xoom, and after GEDifying it such that it can run JB it's an improvement, but still not particularly pleasant versus a contemporary iPad, let alone the iPad 2/3 or Galaxy Nexus. I'd hate to be stuck on an older release with a potential orphan like the Galaxy Tab.
  • Actually the problem was the terrible early kernels. Nvidias drives sucked, big time sucked. I have a Galaxy tab 8.9 (which is almost identical to the original 10.1) with ICS and its light years better than it was with honeycomb, its a different device frankly and the update stopped my buying a replacement.
  • Im running CM10 on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and there is absolutely no lag and is one of the smoothest and fastest tablets I have ever used. I have it overclocked to 1.4Ghz and with Jellybean and Pershoots kernal this thing is an absolute beast.
  • The real problem was Honeycomb; all those Tegra2 tablets are on a second life now they've been updated to ICS; I'm enjoying my faux-G Galaxy Tab 10.1 more than ever.
  • Honeycomb was bad, but nvidia software provided to the OEMs was really bad. Lacking Neon didnt help, but thats not the real issue, the Tegra was fast, but it was almost like it was spinning its wheels.
  • I had an LG Optimus Tab (aka the T-Mobile G-Slate). I doubt that poor bugger will ever see anything better than 3.1, hence the Xoom I sold it for. A lot of those Honeycomb tablets won't get an ICS or JB upgrade. I suppose it's cold comfort that so few of them sold.
  • Put the newly released ICS ROM on it and fire sale it. That ROM is actually pretty damn good, very smooth and stable.
  • +1 to that. Wasn't impressed with HC on my 10.1 but ICS has really improved things. A firesale would be great but can't see it happening (I think my HP Touchpad was the only device I've had that went UP in value, sold it for around double what I'd bought it for 12 months previously...)
  • "Nobody wants one" ? I got one over a year ago, when it was not even available in Canada. I got mine directly from USA, and it is still today the best tablet I ever used. I did not try the GT 2 10.1, yet, but I don't see the need to spend more money on a new tablet if my GT does the job. This is a great device and I love it. I am looking for a tablet for my son now and I;m hesitating between the Google Nexus 7 and the GT 7 2. But if I can get the 10.1 at a discount price, I may just get this one again instead. My only complaint to this tablet was the special connector for USB devices.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10.1 thank you very much. Now that it finally has ICS and Nova Launcher installed it runs as smooth as anything out there. My biggest knock against the 10.1 would be that I never could use the Hulu+ app with it.
  • I wouldn't even buy one for $99.
  • If anyone plays with the Galaxy Note 10.1, you wouldn't even be talking about this one. Of course for a$99.00 tab....I wouldn't complain at all.
  • Please, please have a $99 fire sale. I'd love to buy one for each of my daughters so they will leave my Nexus 7 alone.
  • Here you go. Put CM10/Jellybean on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi:
  • They can move these for $150 easy... heck, even $199. Yes, N7 is the same price but the people shopping for 10 inch screens are not shopping for 7 inch screens. I've had my wifi Xoom for a year and half -- no way I could move down to a 7" screen for word docs, spreadsheets and powerpoint creation.