Samsung brings the sexy to memory cards

Go back through every review we've ever written here, and one underlying theme you'll find is that we're tired of the same old microSD card and, boy howdy, do we wish someone would sex things up a little bit.

Wait. Scratch that. Haven't once thought that. But Samsung apparently is solving the problem nobody has with the way memory cards look by introducing a "stylish design" in its line of SD and microSD cards. More important, we suppose, is that these new cards are supposed to be waterproof, shockproof and magnetproof, and have 24MB-per-second read speeds. As in, survive up to 24 hours in water (longer than you would last, we might add), handle being run over by a 1.6-ton vehicle (again, you wouldn't make it) and resist up to 10,000 gaus, which Samsung says is a little less than the power of a medical imaging magnet. (Which we play with on weekends, just for fun.)

In all seriousness, SD card performance is important (provided your phone can still take one), as is survivability. There's important stuff on there, and performance and price are sexy enough. Though we would recommend some sort of instant-uploading of images, just in case.

Source: Press release

Phil Nickinson