Galaxy Note 7

Samsung's Korean HQ has given an update on the progress of its global Galaxy Note 7 recall problem, as we approach a month since the company first halted sales of the potentially explosive phone.

First, the key stats:

  • 60% of old Note 7s have been returned in the U.S. and Korea.
  • In Singapore, 80% of old Note 7 owners have exchanged their phones.
  • Globally, 90% of people returning the Note 7 have chosen to get a new, fixed device (as opposed to a refund or another Samsung phone).

Four days ago the firm said half of affected Note 7s had been returned in the United States alone. There's no US-specific figure included in today's update, but the 60% figure for the U.S. and Korea at least shows things are moving in the right direction. That's likely been accelerated by Samsung's recent software update, which shows a warning message whenever an old Note 7 is plugged in, and caps the battery level at 60 percent.

Sales of the Note 7 to new customers are set to begin in Korea this Saturday. In other parts of the world, including the UK, it's looking like it'll be later in October before the "safe" phone is opened up to new sales.

Meanwhile in India, Samsung will reportedly launch a big Note 7 ad campaign the day the iPhone 7 goes on sale in that country, reinforcing the message that the new Galaxy Note 7 is safe to use.

According to sources, the new Note 7 models will be manufactured separately and not be refurbished versions of the handsets made earlier. Samsung will highlight the fact prominently on packaging and promotional campaigns.

New Note 7s without the battery defect can be identified by their green battery icon.

Have you exchanged your Note 7 in the past week? Share your experiences down in the comments!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7