Rune II is published by Ragnarok Game LLCSource: Ragnarok Game LLC

What you need to know

  • Ragnarok Game LLC sued Human Head Studios over breach of contract last year.
  • Ragnarok also demanded the source code for Rune II.
  • The source code for the game is back with Ragnarok.
  • The legal issues with Human Head Studios remain unsolved.

Back in December 2019, Ragnarok Game LLC filed a lawsuit against Human Head Studios (now Roundhouse Studios) for breach of contract and fraudulent concealment. Human Head Studios developed Rune II, which is published by Ragnarok Game LLC. In November 2019, the day after Rune II released, Human Head Studios went defunct and the entire team was acquired by ZeniMax, renamed Roundhouse Studios and became part of the Bethesda Softworks family of studios.

Today, Ragnarok posted on the forums for Rune II that the company has received a hard drive with the assets and source code for Rune II. Engineers on the team are currently verifying that all of the files are included. Once the files are all accounted for, the team is going to work on a patch to address the most pressing issues and problems in the game.

While progress has been made, the lawsuit has not been dropped. In a statement given to, Ragnarok explained that the legal issues with Human Head Studios have not been solved and are still ongoing. The company plans to support Rune II however "Nothing has been resolved on the legal front." We'll be sure to provide updates as new developments occur.

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