Rokform RokDock Galaxy Dock review

One of the ways to gauge the popularity of a smartphone, and one that I’ve found quite interesting throughout the history of Android is the availability of quality compatible accessories. I started getting jealous of iPhone  (opens in new tab)owners back in 2011 – I was hunting for a measly screen protector for my HTC Thunderbolt while they were rolling in thousands of cases, docks, speakers and lenses flooding the market. Times have changed and with Samsung’s meteoric rise over the past year, accessory makers have caught on to the fact that Galaxy owners love their add-ons just as much as iPhone owners do.

But that popularity and the booming market it creates brings with it the inherent rise of ridiculously unnecessary products -- enter the Rokdock by Rokform, a $100 paperweight that is the very definition of the frivolous, overpriced accessories a popular smartphone can spawn.

The Rokdock is rather aptly named: it’s a dock, yes, made from aircraft-grade aluminum, giving it a “rock-hard” look and feel. But beyond the striking design, the attractive paint job, and the undoubtedly sturdy feel, the Rokdock is just that: a dock.  It doesn’t have any special features, no bells and whistles; it’s not designed for multimedia consumption or audio playback. It’s simply a dock in which you sit your smartphone. Expecting more for a steep $100? Don’t.

So looking at the Rokdock for exactly what it is (a dock, remember?), it’s actually quite a nice piece of hardware. It looks like something straight out of the Starship Enterprise, and feels like it could withstand anything short of a nuclear explosion. At three pounds, the Rokdock can easily double as a weapon, and its universal size and shape means that a number of Samsung devices, including the S3, S4, and Note 2 are compatible. There’s no doubt that this is likely one of the most attractive, and certainly the most sturdy, Galaxy docks on the market today.

But oh, that pricetag. Call me crazy, but for $100, I expect some sort of unique features. Double as a speaker! Support horizontal docking! Harness the power of the sun to charge my phone in ten minutes flat! Or, at the very least, include some USB, HDMI, and 3.5mm ports like the cheaper Smart Dock from Samsung. But the Rokdock does none of that. And even if it did its job perfectly, which shouldn’t be too hard given its limited functionality, I might be able to stomach the inflated price – instead, I noticed that my S4 wiggled significantly within the dock, and the included USB cable (the only one that will fit within the Rokdock’s opening) isn’t nearly long enough for the Rokdock to find a comfortable home on my desk. No thanks.

If you’ve got $100 to blow on a dock and aren’t looking for any bells and whistles, don’t let me stop you by any means. Heck, you might even sleep better at night knowing you have a three-pound brick within arm’s reach. But for those who need their $100 to buy more than a really heavy paperweight, the Rokdock should be avoided at all costs. 

  • So... Tell us how you really feel about the dock. Don't candy coat it. Posted via Android Central App
  • how do these companies expect to make any money. even if...if they sell 500 i don't see profit. Not enough to keep the door open. Probably a trust fund kids biz, you know so he has something to do. His friends and family might but a couple.
  • Thanks Andrew. There are so few of these honest reviews around. If something is a waste of money then it should be reviewed as such. Quite refreshing to read an honest take.
  • Awesome review! This is what I like about this site. I like to think I can trust you guys to give us honest opinions on android products. With this article it is obvious this is true!
  • Wow, $100 for a phone charger, just stupid! My 16 month old Motorola brand dock has its own power supply, Mini HDMI out, Audio out, 3 powered USB ports & turns my phone in to an awesome bedside clock/alarm & music player and an excellent business productivity tool on my desk. All for $50. Now that is a good deal! Posted via the totally awesome Android Central App
  • They coulda fit a subwoofer in that thing! P.O.S.
  • I agree with everyone that there doesnt seem to be a market for this....BUT the cost isnt just for a block of metal. You can clearly see there is a lot of cnc milling to make this item which drives the cost up. So they arent trying to rip people off, they just over engineered it beyond their intended market. IF they didnt do It for profit and just for the gadget guy with money to blow, understood but seems to me they havent heard of the saying KISS. Keep it simple stupid.
  • I'm disappointed Andrew. You should have posted a video of this thing in action. That's what the readers need to win over the hearts and minds... action videos.
  • They should've made this for the HTC One, since owners of that phone would be more apt to be attracted by 'shiny' things.
  • Good point! They've already proven they'll overpay for things, just based on looks. :-)
  • Huh? The One is cheaper than the S4.
  • Cheaper where? In my country the One is +100$ more expensive. At least. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's obvious, Anndrew, that you don't want people to buy this, but does your disdain extend so far that you can't even be bothered to explain what it shown in the one picture that has multiple pieces? Does the dock come apart? For what reason? Is it to allow the user to replace just one piece to be able to use it with different phones? Forward compatibility might be a reason for some people to spend the money. That's part of the reason I bought the Seidio battery charger that I did. Swappable battery trays, so you can use the same charger with batteries for different phones. Of course, in their case, Seidio rooked me, since they aren't making replacement battery trays for newer phones, so the extra that I paid for the charger, thinking it would last through at least 2 or 3 phones was actually a waste.
  • Do they have one for the iPhone? In white, natch.
  • $100? I'll wait for one with the updated "love" port...
  • Guys guys, it says MADE IN THE USA. That's enough to justify the $100 price tag. /sarcasm Though come to think of it, I'm sure a $100 made in China accessory will already have an "aircraft-grade aluminum" on it with far more features.
  • I really love these cases by Rokform