Ring's newest announcement at CES 2019 is the Ring Smart Lighting system. Designed to be affordable, easy to install, and easy to use, the outdoor network of motion-sensing lights will overwhelm the darker corners around your home with bright illumination. When one smart light detects motion, it will trigger the others. The system then sends notifications through the Ring app.

The smart lights are equipped with energy-saving LED bulbs and Ring's long-range network. If you're a Ring Protect Plus member, which is a $30 annual subscription, then the smart lights will trigger other Ring devices like the Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Security Cams. Or even Ring's newest video doorbell, the Door View Cam, when it releases later this year. When any of those cameras detect motion, the smart lights will react and all your cameras will begin recording. You'll also be able to see and speak to anyone present using your Ring app, no matter where you might be. The Smart Lighting will also be compatible with Amazon's Alexa, so you can say things like "Alexa, turn on my back yard lights." She'll also let you know when motion is detected.

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The Smart Lighting system is an entirely new lineup from Ring. It all starts with the $49.99 Ring Bridge, which will serve as the hub for all your smart lights, video cameras, and more. This will be how one Ring light triggers all the others. You can then add new lights like the $69.99 wired Ring Floodlight. The battery-powered options include the $39.99 Ring Spotlight, the $49.99 wireless Ring Floodlight, the $29.99 Pathlight for walkways and driveways, and the $17.99 Steplight for lighting on stairs and decks. You'll also want to place a few $24.99 Ring Motion Sensors in high-traffic areas.

You will be able to pre-order the Ring Smart Lighting through Amazon or Ring.com soon. Shipping begins March 6, 2019. Consider Ring's many other ways to protect your home, like the Ring Alarm. You can combine all these devices into one super-protective, and smart, ecosystem. Ring plans to add onto the Smart Lighting system in the future with things like solar panels, too.

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