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Rick and Morty is finally coming to PlayStation VR on April 10

One of the most popular PCVR games of 2017 is making its way to PlayStation VR on April 10, and in a big way. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality lets you play as a Morty clone whose job is to wander around and do the things Rick and Morty don't have time to do. As long as you follow the rules and don't poison yourself my mixing the wrong chemicals, you can even avoid dying most of the time! It's a great puzzle game in a universe loved by millions, and now the game is coming to the most popular VR platform in the world today.

While it will be possible to buy the digital copy of Virtual Rick-ality and dive in, the physical box is going to be a special Collector's Edition fans are going to want to own. This version of the game comes with:

  • Rick Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • 2-sided game poster
  • Physical Disc

One important detail to keep in mind is the motion controllers. If you only have the standard PlayStation VR kit, you're going to want to grab the PlayStation Move controllers (opens in new tab) to fully enjoy the game.

This game has been available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for $30, so you can probably guess the standard version will run the same price while the collector box will set you back $50. Either way, you're getting a lot of game and some cool swag for a reasonable price.

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  • Huge r&m fan and I've listen to a behind the scenes podcast about this, it definitely sounds fun. Might be the only new content for awhile since show is on heitus until late 2019
  • Pickle Rick!!
  • What about for daydream?