Review: Mobi Products Cradle for the Verizon Droid Incredible

The Mobi Products Cradle/Dock for the HTC Droid Incredible is a great way to hold your phone on your desk, whether at work or at home. The dock is made of solid black plastic and has rounded edges, which is a nice feature you may not find on cheaper docks. The dock's color goes nicely with the black trim of the DInc and your eyes could almost mistake the combination for a single device. I was surprised to find that the dock comes with three cables, each of which has a different purpose. Let's go more in depth about those cables and the rest of the dock (plus, more pictures!) past the break, shall we?

Having separate data and charging cables is a great feature because charging of my laptop's USB plug was always incredibly slow and required the laptop to be on, while charging from the wall with HTC's stock charger could top me off in an hour or two. Using the dock put me somewhere in the middle, which works great for charging the phone nightly. I play around in the Android SDK and App Inventor on occasion, so this solution is the perfect compromise between needing to mount the phone to your computer and needing to charge it. The cable that plugs into the phone itself could have been shorter as it only has about four inches to go, but this is a minor complaint. 

The phone itself is held vertically at the front of the dock. Remembering back to my iPod days (cue dramatic music), I wish Mobi had angled the dock a couple degrees back so the screen would be easier to see from a natural siting position at my desk. That said, it is still perfectly viewable in its 2001-like obelisk position. The dock has a cutout for the DInc's virtual joystick and the four buttons on the front are perfectly usable. Around the back is a nice bonus in a charing space for an extra battery. I use the Sedio 1750 mAh battery day-to-day, and this feature lets me keep the stock 1300 mAh battery that came with the phone charged and within easy access. A pull tab not unlike what Droid X users are familiar with lets you pop the battery out of the charging socket. A pair of lights between the phone and the spare battery charger let you know that both are charging. Oddly, the blue light on the right is unusually bright, and somewhat lights up my room at night. Blue is my favorite color though, so it is ok by me. 

Overall, the Mobi Products Cradle for the Droid Incredible is a great dock with a few bonuses I am not used to seeing in docks. I was just looking for something to slide my phone into for charging purposes, but got a way to keep my spare battery charged and use the Android SDK and charge the phone more quickly at the same time. DInc docks (well, non DYI-ones that is) are few and far between, and the Mobi didn't disappoint. Head on over to the Android Central Store to get the dock for $24.95. 

2001-like obelisk view

  • Buying this dock is just screaming for another battery to be bought as well.
  • Might have to pick this one up, too bad it looks like i might have to take it out of the case to make it fit.
  • I'd be all over this if my hard silicone case didn't need to come off to fit it in. :-( Sadly, I just don't want to remove the phone from the case every night.
  • i want a dock that is side ways F*** all the docks for the Dinc are stand
  • except the Dinc's home screens are only vertical, unless you've removed HTC's Sense UI. So that wouldn't work too well for the average user which is who companies make things for.
  • The best dock made is for the Nexus One. Slides in with no freaken cables to attach. What good is a dock if you still have to plug a cable into the phone for charging??? I can play music thru my dock by way of bluetooth. Have the dock plugged into my bose stereo system and it is loud, very loud and clear. I can take the phone off the dock and the music still plays via bluetooth. Great design. htc + google = winner.
  • You see, I know that. However, you must remember who has DIncs: Verizon users. Coming from a guy who STILL wants the Verizon Nexus 1.
  • Loving the VT wallpaper. Go Hokies!
  • Does this have a dock screen like the Original Moto Droid? I like the dock screen and I don't see any pictures with the DINC having one. Thanks!
  • And yet you still have to plug the phone in. There should be a stand where all you need to do is slide the phone in from the right without having to worry about lining up the micro usb port. And the phone should definitely be positioned at an angle.
  • What is that clock/weather combo widget? It look like a combo of the Motorola or stock Android clock and HTC weather widget.
  • Beautiful Widgets much better then the Sense UI imo.
  • The app is 'Beautiful Widgets' The configuration is 'Beautiful Smaller Home Weather' -- this gives you 4x1 window. Each configuration has 2 parts (clock skin, weather skin)- currently shows the following:
    Clock skin = NakedDroid
    Weather skin = Standard Skin Beautiful Widgets is an amazing app -- about a bazillion different combination's can be made between clock & weather skins... with more skins being added daily. Very easy to use & amazingly customizable.
  • Someone aside from me that uses Beautiful Widgets on the Dinc! The HTC Clock & Weather widget is nice, but takes up TOO much space. I like the extra real estate BW affords on the primary screen as well as the polished appearance of the app. It also allows connecting to differing info sources to be more accurate than the source HTC uses.
  • Biggest question I have is how does it fit when the skins style cases are on the phone then put into the base slot? I don't want to remove the skin each night to charge the phone.
  • Not Impressed!
  • We want horizontal, we want horizontal, we want horizontal!
  • A bit off topic but can someone tell me where to get that awesome VT wallpaper?
  • How are you getting the icons without the text? Its nice that you can have two 4x1 widgets and still have 4 rows for icons on one screen. Its this part of Beautiful Widgets too? Do you have to be rooted?
  • No text: Using a third party launcher. Try LauncherPro. It's fantastic (in the market. Free). No, beautiful widgets does not require root. It's a widget pack. Also available in the market (pay).
  • This stand looks like it would be perfect on the night stand for seeing the clock.