Required reading: Skyhook lawsuit sheds light on Google's power over manufacturers

Once upon a time there was a little story about Motorola ditching Google's location services in Android in favor of a company called Skyhook. And just a couple months after that little story came another -- Skyhook suing over unfair business practices after it was shut out and Moto went back to Google's services. And as the lawsuit has continued, a wealth of documents has shed light onto Google's relationships with manufacturers, how it wields control over the platform, and what that all means for you as a consumer.

Nilay Patel of This Is My Next (and formerly of Engadget) does a tremendous job of breaking it down. It's a fascinating look inside some of the decisions that have been made over the past year or so -- and even sheds some light on why Samsung struggled with shoddy GPS for so many months. If you read only one story today, make sure it's this one.

Source: This Is My Next

Phil Nickinson