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Rent movies now on YouTube (and let's get 'em on Android soonest)

Played around a little bit over the weekend with renting a movie on YouTube. And when I say "played around," I mean clicked about three times and had "Reservoir Dogs" available for 24 hours for just $1.99. No muss, no fuss. And best of all, no third-party app or download to do it. Watching full-screen wasn't quite as good as on a DVD (never mind BluRay), but for the price, it wasn't bad at all. And even better was how easy it was.

Point is, YouTube (at least to me) has already proven itself as a viable streaming movie rental service (look out, Netflix). How long until we see such service on an Android smartphone? Let's get that done, Google. Check it out for yourself at

  • Heck yeah, come on Google throw this puppy on Android!
  • Imagine this... Renting an HD movie on your Evo (since Evo has HD YouTube) and then using the output cables and playing it your TV, how awesome will this be!!!!
  • Sounds great
  • The tech world is finally moving forward and getting rid of mobile physical storage (CD/DVD/Floppy/etc)...someday, everything will be subscription or to just get the phone and cable companies to provide service the level of service required (perhaps getting rid of the stupid zip code monopolies and introducing more competition?)
  • Ok, Phil, now here's a question: when you rent the movie, where does it go? Does it just play? Is it in a special "rentals" section? Does it go into your favorites or a queue? What I'm trying to get at is this: what if there is a way to watch on your mobile YouTube app without official support? Also, can these rentals be viewed on a YouTube device like my Blu-Ray player in higher quality than streamed through a Flash player?
  • New releases are $3.99... how does that compare with Netflix? IIRC, I can pay a monthly sub and stream many movies for not much more than the cost of one movie off Youtube...?
  • Netflix runs $11.46/month for 1 disc out at a time (includes the upcharge for BLue Ray) Instant streaming movies/shows are still limited in what is available. $1.99 doesnt sound too unreasonable for a per time rental(24 hours)compare that with $1 redbox, but you can rent anywhere anytime(depending uon service) real world speed & reliability would be the main concerns. This would be great on a long road trip to entertain a 2 year old, as long as the signal held out.