Remote Notifier for Android -- forward notifications from phone to computer

Many of us spend a big part of our days in front of a computer.  Wouldn't it be nice if notifications from your Android phone used some sort of ancient magic and appeared in your computer monitor?  Android developers rdamazio and Leandro have managed to do it across the three popular desktop platforms, and we're going to have a look at it in action after the break. (With a tip of the hat to Lifehacker)

We'll begin with a video of the app and the corresponding desktop client (in this case the Windows 7 x64 client) in action:

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Neat trick isn't it?  I'm sure many of you can see how this could be uber handy and want to know more about it.  Read on!

The Desktop client

Grab the client for your computer's operating system from Android Developer Leandro's Google code page right here, and keep in mind if you're using a Mac you can set up Growl instead.  Install the package, and run the application.  A quick right click on the tray icon brings up the preferences screen

This is how it comes out of the box, and it works without a hitch on my laptop.  Of course if you plan on using Bluetooth, or need to direct notifications from only certain Android phones to your desktop, set that up as so.  When you get this far, you're done with the computer setup.

The Android App

Install the Android app (installation links are at the bottom of the post) and run it.  All you will see is the settings menu, which looks like this:

Remote Notifier settings -- 1

Remote Notifier settings -- 2

Remote Notifier settings -- 3

These are the settings that work for me.  Notice I have Bluetooth AND WiFi enabled -- that's because I'm broadcasting to two different computers (and that works great as well for you geeky types), my laptop via WiFi, and my desktop via Bluetooth.  If you only work at one computer, adjust accordingly.  Or you can IP broadcast to every computer on your LAN over WiFi, or use cellular data to target a specific IP that's open to the Internet.  The app is pretty flexible. 

Remote Notifier -- WiFi/IP settings

Yes, that's a lot of geeky options, Android apps are often full of them.  The good news is that I tested the application and the Windows client without changing any of the settings from the default, and it just worked.  Be sure to just try it before you feel the need to adjust things.

I'm really digging this setup.  I can monitor both the "house phone" and my Google Voice number on whatever phone I happen to be carrying from whichever computer I happen to be working at.  A few bookmarks to the carrier pages that allow sending SMS from the web and my Google Voice inbox means I can even answer messages without digging my phone out of my pocket and interrupting whatever foolery work I happen to be doing.  Besides, it's cool, and I'm a sucker for cool shiny things.  Hit the links below and give it a try, it's 100 percent free.

Download Remote Notifier for Android from AppBrain (opens in new tab)

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  • Now that's cool. It's great to see various types desktop integration, such as "Chrome to Phone" and now this. And you really can't beat FREE.
  • I use easySMS for remotely viewing and responding to text messages. And Google voice for VM not sure what else I would need.
  • Sweeeet app!
  • Does this only give you the notification or can I use the computer to respond to text messages also. That would be great
  • You can do this already but you need to be running a VNC server on your phone, and use a VNC client to connect to it from your PC through Wifi. It's laggy and ugly, but works.
  • loving the hanson
  • have been using this app for a little while now. i use it to notify me of calls and text messages while i have my earphones on. i use it at work, and since i don't have a static ip, i have to make sure the phone is connected to our wireless network and sends to my internal ip address.
  • I love this app and yes it did appeal to my inner geek too.
  • Has anyone been using this on a mac?
  • I'm trying it now
  • im "trying" to get the BT work but cant dammit..let me know what you end up with.
  • Damn you. Now I'll never get that song out of my head >.< Too bad this doesn't work through the cloud or something. Being on a protected network at work, I can't use this app (unless I had Bluetooth on my desktop, which I don't)
  • I already get SMS and voicemail notifications on my PC via Google Voice. I don't care about the others. And I can reply to SMS and voicemail via Google Voice on my PC.
  • does it cause any excess drain on the phone battery?
  • Too Bad that the guy who wrote the story failed to mention that this program does not work on any phones using 1.6 only the newer versions of android.
  • I am using it with my Xperia X10, so, using Android 1.6 With 1.6 you can only use WIFI, you need 2.x for the bluetooth option.
  • Set this up yesterday after reading the Lifehacker article...and it is way awesome. I immediately told my wife about it b/c she has a habit of missing calls when she is at work & she is on the edge of getting a DInc. :D
  • I'm running it on my mac and it seems to be working fine. I put the setting on both wifi and bluetooth on both mac and droid x. I downloaded growl and installed it and thats about it. For the mac app, under preferences I set it up to recognize certain devices and then I sent a test notification from my phone to the computer and it recognized it. Hope that helps for those with macs that have been having trouble.
  • What the hell there are no specific Mac setup instructions. The app help page is based all towards a PC anyone had any luck getting this running on a mac?
  • Same problem here; not managed to get it working yet. Anyone?
  • I have yet to get this working in Ubuntu with Bluetooth OR WiFi. The WiFi may be a result of my network configuration, but Bluetooth just fails with no errors. Already watching the bug report.
  • Cannot get it to work on my Mac. Anyone have any suggestions? I downloaded growl, and believe I have it up and running correctly. Downloaded the Android Notifier, and when I try to start it up, I get an error saying I need to check and make sure I am using the correct version (I am). I then have to force quit the program because it gets stuck.
  • I'm running it on my mac and it seems to be working fine. I put the setting on both wifi and bluetooth on both mac and droid x. I downloaded growl and installed it and thats about it. For the mac app, under preferences I set it up to recognize certain devices and then I sent a test notification from my phone to the computer and it recognized it. Also, when you download the notifier for your mac make sure its the correct one for your system. For example, 32-bit or 64-bit. That might be the problem. Hope that helps.
  • i got it to work finally. try quitting the program on the computer and restarting it and setting the apps way of communicating globally. this worked for me.. targeting my ip adress did not
    windows though sorry not mac
  • Not working with Win 7 64bit :( Even though there is a 64bit download, after installing it and trying to open the program it says can not open. There is currently a forum entry within the notifier site for this exact problem, but no responses.
  • That's Win 7 x64 in the video. Works flawlessly out of the box.
  • Does this work with linux/Ubuntu running jaunty jackelobe
  • Works really good on Ubuntu 10.04 about to test 10.10(Using WiFi). No problems and extremely fast notifications.
  • Works well on ubuntu 10.10 as well as vista.
  • Of course the article doesn't mention Linux (come on Jerry, you should not ignore Linux). But yes, there is a Linux version available, as well as MS-Windows and MacOS.
  • 24 second mark of the video. :)
  • Doesnt work for Unknown/Blocked numbers
    "Send over Cell Network" option doesn't work (unless I'm understanding it wrong) Guess I finally need to put that wifi widget on my homescreen and put it to use.
  • i can't seem to get this to work on my mac. i've had growl on it for some time now and none of the test notifications or texts are being forwarded. i made sure to have growl "listen for notifications" too.
  • That is pretty sweet. I like the WiFi option. The one I had for my BB only did bluetooth. I wish it had the feature I had with my BB. I would get the notification and I could also respond to texts and answer phone calls with it. I don't remember if they audio and mic worked through the computer on the phone calls though.
  • AHHH! Tease! I thought this did it wirelessly. So you could drop a reminder on your desktop remotely.
  • anyone know where i can find the .apk for this? it doesn't show up in the market on my phone (unlocked rogers xperia x10a unrooted/branded), but i've been told you can have it work.
  • Really wanted this to work over BT with my Windows 7 machine but I my Incredible won't connect to my laptop. It says it's paired but not connected....I really didn't want to turn my wifi on as I never use it. :(
  • I try using but on desktop i get an error "Bind" error anyone wanna help? :(
  • I am using a MAC, version 10.6.4
    And a Verizon Android version 2.2
    running GROWL I have everything enabled, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even paired my phone to my computer which says it has been paired on both devices: but a "not connected" red emblem. But when I run a test to send it to my computer it goes to green then back to red when it's done. I spent an hour trying to get this app to work- got nothing-
    the strange thing is though: I can send files from my MAC to my phone so I know it's synced and discoverable- everything is turned on. I had to uninstall it. DIDN'T WORK unless someone can help with something I overlooked. Bluetooth: on and discoverable on both devices
    Wi-Fi on
    Says on my phone: paired but not connected Technology- it's almost just too much :(
  • It would be nice if this worked via your portable hotspot. Any suggestions? AJA
  • Wow, this app works like a charm and only took two minutes to download and set up.
  • Having the same issues with the Bluetooth. Says "Device paired but not connected", and can't connect. The Wifi setup works fine. Edit: Got it to work. Had to physically go into the notifier menu and connect to the phone. It won't auto connect. Once it was connected, if I left range, I had to shut the phone off and restart it to get it to work again. Sketchy, but gets the job done.
  • I can't get it to work with Windows 7 64 bit. It shows that the notification is coming through in the Log File but no notification pops up in the tray. and no sound. It also is causing my computer to crash unexpectedly. The error I get after blue screen is as follows: I think this file is related to the notifier as it goes away when i turn it off: WER-80777-0.sysdata.xml Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 1000007e
    BCP1: FFFFFFFFC0000005
    BCP2: FFFFF88007218351
    BCP3: FFFFF880033A83A8
    BCP4: FFFFF880033A7C10
    OS Version: 6_1_7600
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 256_1 Files that help describe the problem: