Random Android bug shows your recent texts if you search 'the1975..com' [Update]

Google Search on Android
Google Search on Android (Image credit: Android Central)

Updated June 1, 2018: Google recently confirmed to the BBC that this is a "language detection bug" and that a fix will be released in a few days. According to Google, the keywords were "erroneously interpreted as a request to view recent text messages."

As awesome as technology is, it's not uncommon for bugs/glitches to pop up every now and then. If just the slightest thing goes awry, a multitude of unexpected things can happen. Most recently, Android users have been discovering a particularly odd one that causes your recent texts to show up when searching for very specific words on Google Search.

First spotted by a few Redditors over Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., typing the1975..com into Google Search on an Android phone causes your most recent text messages to pop up.

The Redditor that initially caught this was apparently trying to go to the website for The 1975 rock band (who are really great if you've never listened to them), but after accidentally entering two periods instead of one, stumbled across this little gem.

Shortly after this, another user discovered that searching Vizela viagens, Izela viagens, and Zela viagens does the same thing.

As worrisome as this may seem, it's not something you should be too concerned about. Turning off SMS permissions for the Google app prevents this bug from popping up, meaning that it's a local issue and not something that someone can remotely trigger.

Even so, it's still weird as hell. Some of the AC crew tried it out, and we've been able to confirm this happens on the Pixel 2, OnePlus 6, and Galaxy S8. If you're worried, just make sure you've got a secure lock screen setup so any of your pesky/nosy friends can't go snooping about your messages.

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