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République stealth-action game lands on Amazon Appstore, Google Play

It looks like Camouflaj's stealth-action game République is now available on the Amazon App Store and on Google's Play Store. The game is listed at $4.99 on both stores, but Amazon is running a promotion on the title bringing down the price to just $1.99. République is set against the Internet age where users will explore the perils of government surveillance.

You receive a desperate call from Hope, a mysterious woman trapped inside an oppressive totalitarian state. By hacking into the nation's elaborate surveillance network and taking control, you guide Hope through a web of danger and deception across five thrilling episodes.

On the Amazon App Store, République is only compatible with Amazon's Kindle Fire devices, including the Kindle Fire HDX 7, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, and the Fire Phone.

There is a brand new Episode 3 in the game, which is unlocked via an in-app purchase and the version of République for the Google Play store is debuting tomorrow.

What do you think of République? Is it a game you're looking to try out?

Source: Amazon App Store

  • I was going to check it out, until I saw "There is a brand new Episode 3 in the game, which is unlocked via an in-app purchase...." I'm paying for your app. Sell me a complete product
  • Season pass, yo.
  • Sometimes I don't quite understand this logic. We pay for console games... And many games release extra content such as missions and items view side purchasing. The idea is no different.
  • If they drop it in a humble bundle, I'll grab it then. They do a good job or removing IAPs for their games. I got Kingdom Rush Frontiers from the Play store but most of the characters were stuck behind a pay-wall, Humble Bundle version? All characters can be unlocked through normal play-through. The way it should be done!
  • I was going to pick it up with some sweet, sweet Amazon coins, but it's listed as incompatible with my Note 2, Note 3, Nexus 7 (2013 wifi), and TF700t. Wondering what it's compatible with.
  • Ahh if only you had read the article, the answer would be so simple
  • I love it.
  • I've had this on my HDX 8.9 for a while...more than a month. I bought it on Amazon. Is this really just coming to the Play Store? That would be strangely backwards!