Qmadix X Series LITE for LG G4

The fine folks over at Qmadix sent us their popular hybrid case for the LG G4 for a test run, and after week of doing its duty, we were pleasantly surprised of the extra grip it provided next its protective design that left little to worry about in the case of a drop.

Focusing on the interior skin case, we see similarities to Incipio's NGP cover — sharing a smooth exterior that's a bit more rugged and stiffer than other hybrid gel cases of its kind. While its transparent design looks nice separated from its matching shell, once it's pieced together you won't even notice. The impact dissipating channels, as Qmadix calls them, are included throughout the skin with the sole purpose of spreading out the initial impact. Around the camera the TPU is glossy, and raised to fit with the shell.

There's not much to brag about with the exterior plastic, unless you're a big fan of showing off fingerprints. It's fairly soft though, and adds enough grip to keep you feeling safe while out and about. It does seem to prevent scratches better than expected, but you may experience wear over months of use as with most plastic covers. Both layers together show some minor contrast between colors, the shell being slightly darker than the translucent skin.


  • Smooth, sure grip
  • Great impact absorption
  • Slim form


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Tight fit with leather back

Our take

There aren't many frills to be had with the X Series LITE from Qmadix, but it's a reasonably slim option for protecting the LG G4 with more than one layer. Those with leather battery doors might not be thrilled with the fit, being much tighter than the regular plastic. Either way, you can grab it in black or white right now for $22.95.

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