PUBG: New State closed alpha testing to begin soon on Android in the US

Pubg New State Tall Grass Screenshot
Pubg New State Tall Grass Screenshot (Image credit: PUBG Studio)

What you need to know

  • PUBG: New State is an upcoming battle royale coming from the PUBG company exclusively to mobile.
  • It is set within the same universe as PUBG but takes place a few decades in the future.
  • Android players in the United States will be able to register for its closed alpha in a few days.

Not to be confused with PUBG Mobile, PUBG: New State is an entirely new PUBG experiences being built exclusively for Android devices. When it was announced in February, developer PUBG Studio revealed that it was set within the same universe as PUBG but in 2051, where "anarchy rules as numerous factions battle each other." If you're excited to get in on the action, the studio has also announced that registration for its closed alpha test is kicking off in the next few days.

The closed alpha test will be available in the United States and only on Android (sorry, iPhone users). However, the announcement said that with the feedback they receive they can eventually open up the alpha to more people across the world, and iOS registrations should begin soon as well. Android users can pre-register now on the Google Play Store.

Players who pre-register between now until the game's release will receive an exclusive vehicle skin. PUBG: New State will feature dodging mechanics, drone calls, and support requests along with its signature gunplay that fans have come to know and love.

PUBG Mobile is already one of the best Android games out there, and hopefully PUBG: New State can be added to that list once it eventually releases. It is set to launch on Android and iOS devices.

Jennifer Locke
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