PS VR2: When does it release?

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PS VR2: When does it release?

The PlayStation VR2 officially releases on February 22, 2023. However, the PlayStation Direct store page says that the headset has a release window of February 22 through the 28th. Since Sony isn't selling the VR headset through third parties, you may not receive your device on the PS VR2 release date.

PS VR2: The wait is (mostly) over

The official PS VR2 release date is February 22, which means anyone who pre-ordered the headset should already have seen a charge to their credit card. It's now too late to cancel your PS VR2 order, though Sony has a 30-day return policy if you end up with buyer's remorse. 

Since some American ZIP codes may take longer to receive orders than others — mostly in Alaska, Hawaii, and some rural areas of California and Washington — you can check your order status by inputting your order confirmation number, email, and phone number at that link. You should then see your estimated delivery date there. 

New orders also currently show a release window of February 22 through 28, so it's likely — though not guaranteed — that anyone ordering the PS VR2 now won't receive the headset as quickly as those who reserved it months in advance. PlayStation only promises a free "launch window delivery."

As for the PS VR2 price, it'll cost you $549.99 / £529.99/ €‎599.99 depending on where you live. The PS VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle will cost you an extra $50, as will the new Sense Controller Charging Station. All three options show the same February 22–28 release date window.

Whenever the headset does arrive, you can rest assured that there are dozens of great PS VR2 launch games that'll be available as soon as you've set up the device. Plus, if you owned the original PSVR, there are several games with new PS VR 2 ports that you'll receive as a free upgrade to your original purchase!

PS VR2: Is it worth the wait?

Our PS VR2 review outlines all the ways that the VR headset has lived up to our expectations. Aside from accepting a tethered VR experience, you'll enjoy the gorgeous visuals, lightweight and adjustable design, and plug-and-play software. If you own the PSVR and aren't sure that if you should upgrade, rest assured that the PS VR2 is a major step up over the original.

We hope the PS VR2 is just the first of many promising VR headsets releasing in 2023. We know that the Meta Quest 3 is due out this year, promising a wireless experience and full-color mixed-reality but also packing less graphical power and (according to leaks) a less comfortable strap. The long-delayed Apple Reality Pro might finally ship in 2023 (though we've been fooled before), and we've long heard rumors of a new wireless Valve headset.

Still, compared to these unconfirmed headsets, the PS VR2 is a sure thing in terms of quality and a large gaming library right out of the gate. 

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