PS5 owners are being banned from their accounts for selling access to PS Plus Collection

Ps Plus Collection
Ps Plus Collection (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Sony is banning players for exploiting a loophole related to the PlayStation Plus Collection.
  • The loophole involved users selling access to their PlayStation 5 consoles so that PS4 players can get the collection.
  • Both parties involved in the scandal are banned from their PSN accounts, but length of the ban depends on the console involved.

One of the best perks about owning a PlayStation 5 is having access to Sony's PlayStation Plus Collection. It's a collection of some of the most popular PS4 titles that owners of the newly release next-gen console can play for free. With titles like Final Fantasy 15, God of War, and Monster Hunter World, PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 is just another reason for users to upgrade from last-gen consoles. But users recently found a loophole that let players access the collection on their PS4 consoles, and it seems that the exploitation of this loophole is causing users to get banned from their accounts.

It's being reported that owners of the next-gen console are taking advantage of the loophole by selling access to their accounts. Users would pay the seller, who would then use the buyer's account information to log in on their PlayStation 5 and redeem the collection. This would allow users to play the free games on their PlayStation 4.

Apparently, Sony caught onto this and started banning users involved. PS4 owners are apparently being banned for up to two months, while PS5 owners involved are losing access indefinitely. Yikes! It seems that consoles are automatically banned when a high number of accounts log in on a single day, which would be a way to prevent things like this from happening.

While users who own both consoles are theoretically safe, it's suggested that you err on the side of caution when taking advantage of this loophole, and that definitely means not giving out access to your console. So far, Sony hasn't publicly addressed the situation. Sony has stated that it is considering expanding the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services, although the company remains mum on what it might have in store.

That means the only way to get the PS Plus Collection remains buying a PS5, which is proving pretty difficult right now, especially over Black Friday.

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