Project Brillo is Google's operating system for the Internet of Things

Google has introduced Project Brillo, their operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). Brillo is derived from Android, but is scrubbed down to the barest level so that it will run on many devices without a large footprint. Google worked with its Nest subsidiary to create the system. Devices can be provisioned and managed through a centralized console.

While stripped down, Brillo still contains the essentials for communication with modern connected appliance. It features full Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and features Weave, a common language for communication between devices. Weave doesn't actually need Brillo, however, and can work on any platform. In setting up their devices, any Android device will recognize and have the same set-up process thanks to Weave.

Brillo's developer preview will be available in Q3 2015, with the full Weave stack arriving in Q4 2015.

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Joseph Keller