Prepare to cringe at Samsung's latest Note 4 adverts poking fun at Apple

It's no secret that Samsung can get marketing just right, but often enough the tech giant has simply flopped in the past when it came to releasing promotional material for its products. The company has just released a batch of new adverts for the Galaxy Note 4, poking fun at Apple's recently announced iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Nothing new here, but it's the cringe-worthy content that's contained within said adverts where everything changes.

Titled "It Doesn't Take a Genius" (clearly mocking Apple's Genius Bar), Samsung takes apart the new features of the iPhone 6 and jokes how it has already been done before by other manufacturers (namely themselves) or how the Galaxy Note 4 triumphs with its S Pen and other neat additions. We get where Samsung was trying to go with these new videos, but... well... check them out for yourself and you'll know what we mean.

View more adverts over on the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel and let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Rich Edmonds