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Possible about screen seems to confirm Epic 4G Gingerbread build in testing

Preface this with the usual "It's possible to make a "custom" (read fake) about screen in 30 seconds on a rooted phone," but this about screen making the rounds today seems to confirm the story we broke a couple weeks ago that showed Gingerbread build ED12 for the Sprint Epic 4G is in testing. And it also goes along with a poorly photoshopped promo pic that's been making the rounds today, too.

Brief Mobile's source tells them it's got a goal of May 15 to finish up the Android 2.3.3 update, but the same source also says it won't be out before the EVO 3D, which might or might not be on June 5. So will we see a more recent build before then? It's certainly possible.

Us? We're taking all this with a pretty huge grain of salt until it's official. Because it's pretty much impossible to peg the date an update will start to push -- and even then there's no guarantee that the update won't be pulled for some reason, and we've seen early builds leak out week before.

So nobody get your hopes up just yet for anything official, and keep an eye on our build.prop Hall of Shame. Just sayin'.

Source: Brief Mobile

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  • Not a gingerbread expert but my signal bars look different then this pics. Running eris on simple gingerbread.
  • That's because Samsung skinned it with their own bloatware.
  • Samsung skins their entire software.
  • "Obviously the pictures are photoshopped. How else do you think they got them on the phone?" <- Gotta love k0nane.
  • He was referring to the promo picture. So unless they have a line-up of Fascinates running the Gingerbread ROM for the Epic, that promo picture had to be photoshopped to have the screenshots put on there.
  • Come on! This is such an obvious Photoshop. Look at the random piece of white, directly under "about phone" and above "has". Basic formatting tells us that it is out of the range of any text boxes. Its a sloppy erase, why are these news stories? I love this website, but sometimes I question their journalistic credentials. The title of this article has so many things wrong with it as well.
  • I bet the video and the following leak shut you up...
  • No, I don't doubt a GB rom is working on the device. The question was whether or not this was a Photoshop. Heck, the extra white spec could have been caused by adding the watermarking for all I know