Poll: Are you interested in a new 5G BlackBerry smartphone?

BlackBerry KEY2
BlackBerry KEY2 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

The smartphone industry has become a cutthroat business, and only those that can keep up will last. Companies like Nokia and LG have fallen victim to the fast-moving business. BlackBerry used to be one of the biggest players in the market, but the rise of all-screen smartphones, among other things, brought the company to its knees more than once. But now, it appears BlackBerry is getting another chance, and we want to know if you'd actually be interested in a new BlackBerry smartphone.

After years of struggling to keep up with the best Android phones, TCL managed to give BlackBerry new life in 2016 by agreeing to build its smartphones while Blackberry would focus solely on its software. However, that partnership ended last year, which seemed to mark the final death of BlackBerry. Until, later that same year, the company entered a partnership with OnwardMobile and FIH Mobile Limited to build new Blackberry devices.

The companies aimed to bring a new BlackBerry device to market within the first half of 2021, one that would feature a physical keyboard and 5G connectivity. Unfortunately, it didn't arrive, but OnwardMobility recently drummed up interest by launching a waitlist for the device, giving fans hope that the new BlackBerry is still, in fact, on the way.

The BlackBerry Key2 was launched in 2018 as one of the last major releases to carry the BlackBerry name, and as impressive as it was, the phone didn't merit much of a follow-up. With the 5G era upon us, BlackBerry is preparing to rise again and calling on the fans to help shape the development. While we still don't fully know what to expect from BlackBerry, perhaps it's a strategy LG should have taken before it met its untimely exit.

Let us know what you want to see in a new BlackBerry 5G smartphone!

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  • I have never owned a blackberry phone and have no desire for a phone with a physical keyboard, but I would love to see this just to get more and different phones out there. The loss of LG is huge and too many phones are similar these days.
  • I think a Blackberry with a physical keyboard is doomed to be a niche market item. I do think they might find some success as a midrange Android maker sans the keyboard. They would have to be willing to compete and be a high value for money proposition.If they come out with phones that cost $1000 then forget it.
  • What the hell would be the point of buying a BlackBerry if it's just gonna be yet another piece of glass?
  • If they make a version without the physical keyboard I would look more closely. But, as it is, I have no desire for a keyboard that is always there whether you need it or not. I like big screens.
  • No you wouldn't lol. There's no reason to buy a BlackBerry if it's gonna be just another piece of glass like the rest of them
  • The keyboard would add another 1.5in to the phone size...it needs to have an on-screen keyboard to compete with the rest of Android phone makers
  • No, it'll fail that way. No one buys a BlackBerry to type on glass.
  • Never had any interest in Blackberry phones, even back in their heyday, I thought their phones were hideous looking. No thanks, Blackberry should stay defunct. There's no room for them in the Android world.
  • Yes there is, we already have enough slabs out there. Keep tapping on your piece of glass and stop hating on the keyboard, these devices should exist for the few that want one
  • The keyboard on the old blackberry phones were awful to type on when I tried one years ago and phones with physical keyboards are outdated and I'm I'd rather continue to type on my slab of glass that looks more premium than any crappy BlackBerry device, I repeat there's no room for Blackberry in the Android world. Nobody but their fanboys cares about them anymore.
  • Slabs look like slabs, nothing exciting about them anymore. They all look the same with no personality to them, for years now.
    Keyboards are outdated? What do you use to type text on your computer?
  • What are your really gaining if they don't make phones? Lol
  • If this new model retains the physical keyboard then I am not interested in it. This is coming from a former BlackBerry curve 8900 owner. With the industry's push to maximize screen space, a permanent physical keyboard on a BlackBerry phone seems counter-intuitive. Yes, the physical keyboard is a BlackBerry staple, and so was BBM, but we need BlackBerry to evolve.
  • There is no reason to buy a Berry if it's gonna be a slab like all other phones. No thanks.
  • True, I don't get why alot of fanboys want every android to look exactly like Samsung lol. 99% of android phones look the same, with hole in display...
  • All iToys look the same but I don't see you complain about that.
  • I won't be buying it but great addition and there is a restricted niche market. I liked the classy design of their touchphones. Their keyboard is the best. Problem was the delayed updates of their Android OS.
  • Absolutely not, I don't see its value, but I don't care if it dies out or not.
  • Thankfully for you, there are hundreds of boring glass slabs to choose from.
  • Give me a 5g Passport and they can have my money.
  • Virtual keyboards are so good in 2021, there is no reason for a physical keyboard. In fact, I can create a larger virtual keyboard on my phone than the blackberry keyboard... And that's important to me because I have large hands, I'm 6'2". Blackberry won't release another phone because there will be not enough advance interest.
  • yes there is, the accuracy of real keys is still unmatched by flat glass. That's why the keys don't need to be huge, because they're tactile, unlike glass.
  • Shut up and stop being a troll on just about every post here. Blackberry is DOA... No dead cat bounce, no nothing... And the BlackBerry brand certainly means nothing to anybody under age 45.
  • Who cares about the brand name? It's about the accuracy and experience that the keyboard provides. And it goes beyond typing, there's scrolling on it, shortcuts, etc. It as nothing to do with age. Tactile keys are more accurate than glass regardless lol
  • Absolutely. 1. Nothing is more annoying than watching a software keyboard pop up and fill half my screen real estate or move the content I was just about to tap. 2. We spend a lot of money on nice screens, only to have them smeared and smudged. The capacitive keyboard on my Passport always kept my screen clean. 3. Hotkeys to open apps instead of flipping through app drawers is a time saver. 4. Touch typing without looking is something I've never mastered on a software keyboard, and I don't always feel comfortable using speech to text in public. 5. Copy and paste with a trackpad, ball, or capacitive keys is way better than dragging the flag. Yes, there's a software option in Gboard, but it takes too many taps to get to. 6. Typing on keys feels better. Period. If BlackBerry doesn't announce and release a new phone soon, I'll likely pick up Planet Computers' new device on launch.
  • Excellent points. I would very much like a new 5G PKB BlackBerry. There is nothing like physical manipulatation of keys to communicate. In addition to long and short press shortcuts. Gives one 52 options for the device to open a given app or simply make a call. The key (no pun intended) as it is for every Android OEM is support and longevity. Also being a BlackBerry it has to have excellent security and privacy. I love how Android 12 is finally adopting a feature BlackBerry developed in DTEK for their devices in 2016.
  • I still have my Blackberry Classic in my closet. It's still in great condition and hoping it will work in Android capabilities soon especially since I'm using Consumer Cellular as Senior.
  • Move on with the times caveman, physical keyboards are so 2008. I never saw the appeal of Blackberry phones, they're ugly to look at and the old Blackberry phones were awful to use.
  • No, unlike these endless slabs of glass, newer Android BlackBerry phones have personality to them. Many people in public asking about them, which no one does if it's just a piece of glass. Physical keyboards are so 2008? Look at your computer, what does it have for text input?
    The tactility and accuracy provided by real, sculpted keys cannot be matched by flat glass, the latter which needs autocorrect to get anything right.
  • I would be, as long as it doesn't have two-year-old specs. If it came with the latest chipset and copious RAM and storage, I'd go for a keyboard phone in a heartbeat. 📱
  • I'll be interested in one for sure, I'm always happy with more competition on the market. I think that if BB were to focus on the mid range market ($200-400) it could potentially snag a lot of customers, depending on what this theoretical phone brings. I always liked the priv format a lot and thought it had potential.
  • No way are we going to see a premium slider for $200 - $400
  • lol no way
  • I'm interested since I still have Blackberry Classic in my closet. It worked beautifully and not it's not working for Consumer Cellular network nor Android capabilities. Help me! It's still great Blackberry Classic in great condition! I miss my email with attachments for work in my home office. Come back, Blackberry Classic!
  • Well when Nokia went over to Microsoft (though I was initially quite interested in the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones) I switched over to BlackBerry. I really liked their BB10 OS and accompanying the devices. I bought a few of their smartphones and even owned the BlackBerry Playbook (an excellent tablet done in by lateness and a botched product launch). I really liked their full-touch devices and only had one with a physical keyboard. I still think that the BlackBerry virtual keyboard was one of the best I've ever used...the flicking of the words floating over the surface of the keyboard was awesome and a slew of other features.. And the BlackBerry Hub remains one of the best all-in-one messaging and email services. Their focus on security and privacy was an important aspect as well. Those are just a few of the reasons. I didn't mind the BlackBerry Android (I had one of those devices as well) effort, but it came too little too late and TCL was not the best choice by BlackBerry for contracting out the mobile division/device manufacturing to. BlackBerry got in trouble not because of lack of talent or innovation. They did so because of poor management, poor decisions making, a lackluster marketing effort (well actually non existent) and an overall lack of vision as well as inability to choose whether they wanted to be a prosumer oriented company, like RIM started out, or pivot to a mass consumer clientele. Boneheaded product strategies which led to delays and lateness which are deadly in the telecom industry, especially during those crucial years from around 2007-2013. All that stuff added up and they never recovered. Now I'm back with Nokia and am very satisfied with what they have to offer in terms of devices and software. While I'm definitely not against seeing BlackBerry come back to life, at this point I see little incentive to return to them.
  • Here's the incentive: That keyboard... Nokia's are nice and all, but aren't they just slabs like the rest of them at this point?
  • If this was years ago and the smartphone was a purely communication and productivity device, then yes, I would probably be interested in a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard. I'm afraid those days are gone. With devices now being multi-media, multi-use, multi-purpose, it's the glass slab with the virtual keyboard for me. I mean, I am not really interested in spending money on a device where the physical keyboard takes soo much from the screen real estate. Try watching something on Netflix or Disney Plus on device a device like the Key One... Nevermind that my Nokia is as productive as all the BlackBerry devices I had and then some. Ditto for multi-tasking. I am not saying that there is no place for a BlackBerry revival, but at this point perhaps as a niche consumer product. Thinking about it, maybe a slider like the Priv would work better should they want to relaunch. That allows for both a physical and virtual keyboard and eliminates the need to compromise on the screen real estate. Either way, we'll see what happens.
  • Good points, but it's funny how everyone says "I don't want a keyboard taking up all that screen space" as if a virtual keyboard isn't a compromise on its own.
    For me it's "I don't want an extra 1.5" of glass taking up valuable keyboard space"
  • I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I used to hate the idea of having a phone with a screen larger than 6 inches. My current device has a 6'8 inch screen. Now I don't think I'd want to own a phone with a screen smaller that 6 inches LOL...funny how easily we get spoiled... The thing is that you can make a virtual keyboard dissapear. Not so with a physical one. When I stream a movie or show on my phone I'd like to have as much of the screen as possible dedicated to that task. I wouldn't be able to do that with a BlackBerry device with a physical keyboard. For someone like me, who has a limited budget to purchase a new device when I'm considering an upgrade, that is an important factor. So if it comes down to choose between a new (5G enabled) BlackBerry device with a physical keyboard, and my current (5 G enabled ) phablet, I'd always go with the phablet. Sorry, but that is is where I'm at.
  • What about a slider like the Priv?
  • That would be an interesting option. That's why I mentioned it in the comment above. Let's see what they come up with.
  • Yes!! Shut up and take my money!!
  • 5G Passport would be great!! I'm missing a lot the physical and capacity keyboard. I went from iPhone 3GS to BB and never droped until last year, when the browser was not working with my needs.
  • Yes - if they are smart about it. They should keep the full glass panel but give the option for using a physical keyboard. Make it a slider like the HTC Evo shift or a folding phone like the old LG Envy. Then I'd be interested. Oh & it has to have CURRENT software & specs. I remember my better half bought a Blackberry AFTER I got a Droid Incredible & that Blackberry software just looked horrible!
  • Absolutely would take a look at a BB, but it has to have the keyboard. I loved BBM and the end 2 end encryption they had, you know it worked when countries banned the phone. The screen size just needs to be adequate, and adding a s pen type stylus would be good, especially during a year Sammy won't be making a Note, which is where I settled when BBs kicked the bucket. If I remember correctly BB allowed swipe typing even with the physical keyboard. The storage has to be 256 at minimum and RAM should be 8 to 12. Matte finishes on the back and a decent camera supported by top notch software would help. The price can't be over 700 to start. They would need a good price point to regain even the smallest piece of the market. Kind if like how One + started.
  • I like the idea of a physical keyboard, not sure if you can call it a keyboard, but if done right has to be better than typing on a touch screen. I still not fond of writing long messages on a touch screen, even with swipe technology. I had a HTC phone with a slide out keyboard years ago, great for SMS and emails, sadly the network technology was not around then, and it was a slow phone.
    5G, not that bothered, I don't think 5G adds anything to a phone and if the lack of 5G lowers the cost of the phone then I would go without and that is the thing about this phone, the cost. do we know what it will be?
  • Can't really see the point of Blackberry introducing a phone if it doesn't have a keyboard. The keyboard like it or not pretty much defines a Blackberry. With no keyboard the Blackberry simply competes in a market where every phone is nigh on unidentifiable from the next. As the performance of handsets converge so that little differentiates a low end mid range high end phone at least the keyboard gives Blackberry a USP ie a reason to buy. No keyboard and it drowns. My daughter wants a new Apple phone, I queried as to what the difference was between it and her old Apple or my company iphone 6. Apparently it doesn't have a button. Quite honestly phones will become like washing machines. Bought because the old one had broken rather than because there was an exciting new performance leading technologically advanced washing machine you desperately wanted to upgrade to as it made your current machine look like an old mangle.. I suspect we're almost there judging by the slabs of glass comments here.
  • Yes. Potentially. If it's water resistant, has a fairly decent camera, and uses Blackberry software, I'm game. Reason being: Blackberry phones - especially Blackberry 10 devices - were very intuitive to use.
    If I wanted to find someone's number, for example, I just started typing their name on the keyboard, and it brought it up. If I wanted to find a particular phrase someone had once said, I'd start typing it on the keyboard, the BlackBerry would search texts, whatsapps, Facebook messenger, and bring up the exact phrase I was looking for. If I wanted to find an app, rather than opening the app drawer and scrollinh through it, I just typed the first few letters of the app, from the home screen, and it would bring it up: everything could be done from the home screen, it was intuitive and I estimate saved me hours of searching and scrolling every year.
    If there was a particular number I called more often than others, or an app used alot, or a task I wanted the phone to do, I could assign that number to a key. Unlock the phone, long press the key - job done.
    As well as all that, the notification timeline on Blackberrys was always more convenient than on standard Android. Also, physical keyboards are quite tactile and work in the rain. I'm not saying it's a definite yes, but if I can get a Blackberry on contract, at the right price, it would be my first consideration.
  • Blackberry has broken many promises and I gave up on them years ago. I'd never go back.
  • Of course I'd like to see a new 5G BlackBerry smartphone. I still have my Keyone after suffering with the iPhone(s) for years.
    Bring on the 5G BlackBerry!!!!!
  • I think a premium built slider with a large screen and Passport - like keyboard would be an interesting challenger to folding phones. It should have killer specs and flawless software as well.
  • That would easily cost $1200 or more
  • There's no price point yet, so the poll is kind of meaningless.
  • Yes I am definitely 100 percent all in on acquiring a new BlackBerry, my KeyOne is still going strong but it's time for an upgrade. I'm absolutely delighted to know BlackBerry is coming out with a new 5G phone with a physical keyboard. My hope is that it's similar to the Priv. Love BlackBerry 😊❤️👍
  • I don't think a new Blackberry will sell. I loved Blackberry but the times have changed. Maybe if they do an Android Passport I would consider. I also wish there was more support for the Blackberry Hub Suite.
  • Can't wait for the new Blackberry and will definitely buy.
    Always had a Blackberry since first launched. Loved the Priv best as the big screen and hard keys ticked every box for me. Always attracted attention and admiration from onlookers but it was stolen because someone else obviously loved it too much. I immediately bought the newest BlackBerry model and have been nursing it along past the 3 year mark til this 5G new model is launched. Also have a "glass slab" because family members insist I will "get used to it" but can only "poke and peck" on glass and there are far too many double pecks required to write a grammatically correct email or message. I only use it to listen to podcasts and save my BlackBerry battery for important stuff. Hurry up with the launch please. I'll be first in line !
  • Yes. Both 4G and 5G blackberry phones with touch-screen are welcome. Blackberry has gone hiding in mobile phone market and harmed them a lot.
  • I had a Bold 8900 and it is still in use for calls only. I had the Priv, which I though was the best smartphone I ever had ! Always in a flip case, special display cover, never dropped, had no scratches no dents. Sadly after not quite 5 years it began to acct strange, turning off by itself and turning on again all the time. wasn't able to use it anymore. Bought a used Priv, but same thing is happening now. So I'm NOT very happy with BB anymore !!
    But: I look forward to what BB has to offer. I'd favor a Priv 2 . But what any BB should have:
    of course a physical keyboard, a long lasting Battery that can be easily changed, it should have better Wifi better Bluetooth, brighter display ( in the sun), dual Sim, and should at least be able to update to a higher Android version when available, because my Priv (Android 6) doesn't even allow updates for some apps.
    And that is annoying, I'm just a working man and I don't belong to that kind of society, that can afford a new smartphone every one or two years.
  • Yes still waiting for 2yrs...
  • I am very much interested in a phone with security built in, gets things done, a reasonable camera, not so large in size. Hello Blackberry