Podcasts are coming to Google Play Music, podcasters can upload episodes now

Google has announced that soon Google Play Music will also be the home of podcasts, and podcasters are able to begin uploading episodes of their shows now. The portal for podcasters is opening now, so that when Google flips the switch there are episodes already there for listeners to check out.

You'll be able to not only search for your favorite podcast, but also have one selected for you based on your interests or how you are feeling, like how it's done with music. Some of the podcast networks that Google is already working with include:

  • 5by5
  • Nerdist / Legendary
  • HowStuffWorks
  • Feral Audio
  • StarTalk Radio
  • Loud Speakers Network
  • This Week in Tech

There is no word about when the podcasts will begin appearing in Google Play Music, so you'll just need to keep an eye out in Play Music. If you are a podcaster, will you be uploading your episodes? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Source: Official Android Blog

Jared DiPane
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