The Pixel program is a mess [#acpodcast]

Google Pixel XL + box
Google Pixel XL + box (Image credit: Android Central)

This week, Daniel, Flo, Alex and Jerry discuss the latest Pixel 2 rumors — will it be made by HTC, LG or both? — and what that means for the future of the Pixel program.

Also discussed:

  • HTC did good with the U11
  • Apple's WWDC announcements: Is the iPad Pro 10.5 the best Google tablet around?
  • Bixby sucks. When will it be good?
  • The OnePlus 5 is coming, but is it a lot of hot air?
  • Locked phones will be banned in Canada this year. How does that change things, and how does it compare to other countries like the U.S. and the UK?

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Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I plan on listening to this on my Monday morning commute. I consider AC my go-to source for all things Android, and to see the title of the podcast makes me wonder...what the heck is going on with the Pixel? Last year was the "experiment" so this year everything should be certain. But then again, nothing has been confirmed so until then, it's all up in the air.
  • I suppose I have to listen to find out why.. Sigh
  • Worth a listen if only to hear Jerry mention his dress size. ;)
  • Podcasts w/o a transcript are a mess #acpodcast
  • Just to be clear, you want a transcript of the entire show? Or just a specific rundown of the topics and their times?
  • Both. I think making both available would be a great improvement. I kept looking for time stamps because I wanted to listen to certain parts, but skips some of the others.
  • One is far more likely than the other. It's very time consuming and expensive to do a full-on transcript of a podcast that very few people will realistically read in its entirety. I will try to get more accurate timestamps in future shows, though.
  • Mostly, a text summary or full text. I'm not a native speaker and I'm middle-aged, which means
    a) spoken English is an order of magnitude harder for me than written English - specifically, I cannot multi-task podcasts, I've got to actively listen to them,
    b) I've got limited time where that active listening can be done, and it's already taken up
    c) listening to a podcast takes a lot more time than reading it, and you can't skim
    d) I grew up before podcasts and never got into the habit anyway I'd imagine there are voice-recog tools to automate the transcript, maybe even a summarizing AI ? If not, that's a startup idea, you're welcome ;-p
  • Understood. We'll look into automating that process.
  • Confirm so untill them
  • That's pretty cool that locked phones will be banned in Canada. Any chance it will happen in the US? What's the benefit to carrier branded/locked phones? If carriers want to push out or make a video available their apps, why not just verify subscribers through their sim cards?
  • Unlocked phones in the U.S. would be great for the consumer but not the carrier. Imagine a VZW phone with all it's bloatware .. one would have to be able to uninstall ALL that crap if moving carriers as it would be even more useless bloat and specific to VZW. It's a thought.
  • It is pretty ironic that, with Google's role in advertising, I don't recall seeing any ads except one.
    Amazon is apparently setting up a system to intentionally block customers from accessing competitive websites while at Whole Foods.
    The intention is to prevent comparison shopping, and they can only do it to customers on the store guest network, but it still sounds dirty to me.
    Happy about the U11, and I figured out how I'm going to do audio in the car from it: direct data cable. No Bluetooth, no 3.5, no adapter... just pure digital direct into the head unit, then out to the amps and matched Kicker speakers with custom sub :)
  • Their intention is to prevent other retailers from blocking you from comparison shopping on Amazon if you're​ on that store's WiFi.
  • Again enjoyed all of the comments in the podcast. I don't know if the Pixel manufacturing state is in an actual mess - or not. Whether the two phones - actually should be made by one company is mandatory...? October - November is a long wait... for the Pixel 2...
  • Two companies making different phones may not be that bad as log as both follow Google's design specs regarding looks, components and such. Could also be a test to see which company deliverers better. I am wondering what others think about theses two companies, would you prefer an LG made phone or a HTC phone?
  • I looked at the pixel but when I wanted one it was always a wait kinda like the keyone launch. I picked up the Galaxy S8 plus and could not be happier probably the first flawless smartphone for me it'd a keeper.
  • Wonder where Google got the idea to release three phones this year? iPixel2S, iPixel2XLS and iPixel3? /S