An Android O deep dive [#acpodcast]

This week, Daniel, Jerry and Russell are joined by Eric Richardson, an Android developer at WillowTree, to talk about Android O.

Android O is still very early — we don't even know its final name yet — but we do know that there are going to be a lot of important under-the-hood improvements that will make experiences better on phones, tablet and even Chromebooks!

Join us for a deep dive into everything we currently know about Android O!

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Nice. Something to listen on to later while hitting the gym.
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  • Nice. Something to listen to later on while drinking beer and eating junk food.
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  • Never forget 🍺
  • Could the new guy mumble a little more? it would be better radio if he were completely unintelligible.
  • Agreed. Had to quit after 20 minutes because the sound quality of the special guest was atrocious, Will try again with headphones later to see if it's any better.
  • Sorry, we had some audio issues with Eric's recording but we tried to salvage it best we could!
  • It wasn't that bad to my ears. Sure, the audio quality was significantly worse but I understood 98% of what he said. I did listen with headphones if it makes a difference. I wouldn't mind having him on again. He's obviously not used to the format but practice makes perfect.
    It's not even my native language but I am fluent though. So again: it just wasn't that bad.
  • No. He talks too fast and mumbles. Audio was ok. As a native English speaker, I got most of what he slurred out, but I'd doubt non-native speakers would do as well.
    Audio is a medium that some people need practice to be good at. Tell him to makeaspacebetweenhiswordsandtrytoenunciateandslowtheheckdown.
  • Dontworrywellgetitnexttimejrsharp70ipromiseohandbtwherehaveabeer🍺
  • Interesting podcast. Good guest despite the poorer sound quality.