Android Central Podcast Ep. 80: Transformer Prime, Galaxy Nexus and Carrier IQ

Thing 1: The ASUS Transformer Prime

  • ASUS Transformer Prime review
  • Hands-on with the ASUS Transformer Prime
  • Look for the Transformer Prime around the week of Dec. 19, ASUS says
  • How-To: Root the Asus Transformer Prime

Thing 2: State of the Galaxy Nexus

  • GSM Galaxy Nexus factory images now available
  • Best Buy seems to think the Galaxy Nexus is in stock Dec. 11
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery life -- some updated impressions
  • How-To: Manually flash the OTA to your Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy Nexus press photos extracted from Verizon website

Thing 3: The Carrier IQ saga

  • Carrier IQ withdraws 'misguided' cease-and-desist letter, apologizes to security advocate TrevE
  • Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) wants answers
  • UK networks insist they don't use Carrier IQ software
  • Editorial: Carrier IQ -- the 'evil' we agree to and hate that we did it
Phil Nickinson