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Android Central Podcast Ep. 63

Thing 1 - Motorola Droid 3 launches

  • And ... the Droid 3 is officially official
  • Motorola Droid 3 help videos
  • Droid 3 available now via Verizon telesales

Thing 2 - Google Maps goes offline

  • Google Maps 5.7 brings public transit navigation, better search, improved Places
  • How to download maps data on Google Maps

Thing 3 - Tablet pricing

  • Motorola drops WiFi only Xoom pricing to $499
  • your discussion on the carrier pricing was shit.
  • such anger!
  • who won the Samsung TAB?
  • AND WHO IS THE WINNER??? PLS SAY ITS ME :) And I will buy your tee...
  • Unfortunately its this guy....
  • I am a new listener and enjoy your podcast. Just one thing, poor Alex Dobie was un-interpretable. Unfortunately, the Skype audio just wasn't up to it. Otherwise, keep it up guys. Great show!