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The Android Central Interview - Adobe's Ryan Stewart

Phil and Jerry chat with Adobe Platform Evangelist Ryan Stewart about Flash, AIR, and when your phone will get them. Maybe.

  • Pretty frank discussion, thanks Ryan for taking the time to do this (and Phil/Jerry too, of course). I love Flash on my Evo with 2.2 and I even have the plug-in option set to Always in Dolphin Browser HD because it works well and lets me see everything on the web as it was intended.
  • Nice chat. I was pleasantly surprised to see this popup on my Google Listen RSS feed last night on my way home. I'm still of the opinion that regardless of what you think of flash I don't see how having it as an option could ever be a bad thing. The "On demand" implementation on Froyo works perfect IMO. It'll be interesting to see which directions things go in the future.
  • Awesome post! Thanks for sharing