Android Central 269: CES 2016 Podcast Spectacular!

And because this is such a big show we're doing a joint podcast with our pals from Windows Central, and there's a little BlackBerry news tossed in for good measure.

And as this is a live, on the road and very late at night, it's a little rougher than most of our shows. We prefer to call that "flavor," if you will.

And click here for all our news from CES 2016!

  • Very hard to listen to due to you guys constantly interrupting each other, not to mention the
    sound of drinks being served and ice cubes being crunched!
  • This is as close as you get to sitting in on a round table discussion Posted via the Materialistic Android Central App
  • Yep, & I enjoyed it for that very reason. Via the Moto X Classic
  • Sure we could wait until we all get home to do a more produced and professional-sounding podcast, but we like to have the from-the-show hot take podcast during events!
  • Agree with the original commenter. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Now I want 2 martinis
  • ces was only meh.. this year.
  • That was a fun podcast, room service, chocolate martinis and all. Also, this seems as good a place as any to say the latest tweak to the FAB in the app is very well done. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I could hear the mood ease up as the blood alcohol rose. Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Great podcast. Have you guys heard the news how all these chinese bilionaires are going missing? In many of the reports these companies are linked to being state-owned. Just saying when you guys all get free huawei phones and trips they are being state funded
  • Chinese billionaires missing? Really? Crazy! Never heard about this... just wish China could clean up their air, land and water. It's so sad that they produce most of the world's consumer electronics while polluting so much. The West focuses on CO2 while Chinese are dying from air they can't see through! We buy cheap and they die... How about a rating system so consumers can choose whom to do business with?