Pocket releases great new Chrome app

Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later) has carved out quite a market for itself as a great bookmarking and reading service, and is expanding the number of clients available today with a new Chrome app. The new app is far more than just a web page, and actually opens properly in its own window to display your queue of unread stories. You can browse through stories in either a list or grid format, with a nice view of the article title, headline image and source name. You can also sort by articles, videos or images and use the universal search to find things if you need.

As always, there is a great Pocket app for Android available that syncs everything with your account across your devices, including when you're signed into Chrome. You can download the Android app from the Play Store at the link above, and grab the Chrome app from the Chrome Web Store at the source link below.

Download: Pocket

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  • Looks good!
  • Using "add to pocket" to remind me to update this on chrome. Recursion if you will :-; Posted via Android Central App
  • Is this really new? I've been using the Pocket app and extension on Chrome for a long time now. I just checked the Chrome Web Store too, and can confirm that the last update for the app was in Aug '12.
  • I thought the same thing, but if you click the source link it takes you to the new, completely different app.
  • Wow, thanks for that. D'oh, I shouldn't have wasted time searching the Web Store for "Pocket" (which, by the way, only displayed the old app and extension). Cheers!
  • Yeah, but it's still the exact same thing as what the Chrome Store had before. No added functionality whatsoever.
  • Am I missing something, or did they take away the "Add to Pocket" toolbar button with the new app? Do you have to keep both apps to have the button?