Play it safe and swap your Note 7 because of the recall

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

I'm seeing a disturbing trend in forums and social media — people are saying they aren't going to return their recalled Note 7 and get a new one. Don't be that person.

Some of the reasons I'm seeing for not returning a Note 7 for a new one do make sense on some level. Nobody wants to take the time to set up a new phone, or people are worried that the replacement might not be as "perfect" as the one they are using now. I feel ya. I hate setting up phones and I know getting the perfect piece from a giant mass-produced manufacturing pile can be tricky sometimes. But other things I'm reading have me a little concerned.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall: Everything you need to know

"Only (insert you own made-up number here) phones have been found defective" or "I only use a (put the name of your favorite brand here) charger and everyone knows they are safe" and other assorted nonsense not only defies logic but shows how far people will reach to escape the obvious: You need to swap your phone under the recall.

Yes, only a small percentage of the phones that were boxed up and sent to stores or homes have burst. Odds say yours isn't one of them. Odds also say that sex without birth control won't necessarily lead to pregnancy, too. Both cases here, as well as countless others, like not wearing a seatbelt because I never had an accident or nobody needs to know Calculus are equally wrong. Some people do need to know Calculus, and some Note 7s are going to explode in a ball of dragon fire.

The same smart people who designed your Note 7 are now advising you to return it for replacement.

There are two things about this situation we know to be true. The only people who know all the details aren't telling them to us, and that they never will. Put all the speculation and imaginary numbers away for a moment and consider that every Note 7 not made for China uses the same battery. Samsung is concerned enough to recall all of them without being forced to do so by any entity with the power to force companies to do things. If you toss out everything else and consider these two simple things, you'll realize that you really should return your Note 7 and get a new one.

You have an opportunity to be 100% certain that you have a phone without the issue causing the batteries to blow up. The same smart people who designed the Note 7 are advising you to do just that. Samsung has done an excellent job working with all the businesses around the world selling the Note 7 to make it as painless as possible. Not taking advantage of that is, frankly, pretty damn stupid.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Oh I am going to return it and Exchange it once their new stock is in. I have kept my Note 7 again glad I did, so I would activate it if I need too until the new batches are in...
  • Again a well written article! I love to read them and you always do get the point across!! Bravo on your blunt wording also. I am also proud that Android Central allows you to be so frank because it does make for good reading and may also make some one reconsider their stance!
  • The people not returning their note 7 will be the ones we hear about having their phone explode 2 years later when they still have the phone.
  • Or two DAYS later.
  • Certainly
  • And those same people will promptly complain about how Samsung should have fixed it before they ever sold it. There will be no pleasing some people lol.
  • Hope we don't hear about their children dying in a house fire caused by their ignorance.
  • It's a shame such a high profile device and to be fair an excellent built device too. (ordinarily) Although I personally have Nexus devices these days I had the note 3 so I've always kept a close eye on the note series. I also think Samsung have done the right thing by the Total Recall (Great film by the way) and I'm sure this will pass and all the people that had to return there devices will soon be all back rooking there chosen devices soon enough. But yeah you can't take any chances in this instance.
    I'm not a fan boy by any means Samsung or Nexus "Master Race" crap that gets thrown about just a guy who loves all Mobile Tech.
  • Isn't this the battery OEMs fault? What other phones use their batteries? Are the Chinese ones larger? Maybe they should give us those...
  • These batteries are made by a sub company of Samsung, except the ones made in China. So Samsung can only blame themselves.
  • Yep, Sammie is the ultimate chaebol so they make all the parts for their devices. I'll never buy a Sammie phone again after the abysmal battery performance of my Note 5.
  • No they don't. Camera module, for example, is made by Sony. Snapdragon processors are Qualcomm. Ecen the batteries used in the Chinese Note 7 are made by a Chinese company (nae eludes me right now).
  • I will return mine when the 1-to-1 swaps begin next week-ish. As soon as I can, I swap. Maybe see if I can swap colors, too (maybe). That black looks damn sexy.
  • Indeed. I wanted a Coral Blue but TMO didn't have any at the time. After all this noise .. I'm getting the Coral Blue for the replacement.
  • Good luck I was told 2 to 4 weeks for 1 to 1 swaps.
  • I plan on exchanging as soon as the new stock comes in (Sprint says end of next week). I do hope my new phone will be as perfect as the one I have now though or even better somehow.
  • Yet another reason for having a user removable battery. I did receive an email today from Tmo offering to contact me when a replacement Note 7 is available. Now its a race to see if my 256 gig micro sd card gets here before Tmo has my replacement Note 7 ready...
  • That's silly logic.
  • OMG. Please give that argument a rest. The only company hanging on to removable batteries is LG and you can see how stellar they're doing.
  • Lol right. Personally I love the ability to swap a battery but by no means has it been the deciding factor. The last phone I had with a removable battery was the Note 3.
  • same
  • Wait, it's a good point. What you're saying makes no sense. You're saying that removable batteries aren't good because no one else is doing it. That's just stupid. If the battery was replaceable by the end user it'd be much easier. Instead of returning the whole phone, users could just replace the battery. It'd have also been cheaper for Samsung.
  • The lg v10 was the reason I left Samsung after the note 4 because of the removable battery. I gave samsung another shot with the note 7 and then this happened. So yeah removable batteries are a big thing. Going back to the v20.. and I get a free 250gb card for my troubles. :)
  • I'm honestly hoping the V20 can somehow change my mind, but I don't see it happening. The Note 7 has a lot that I really like, the Secure Folder being one major feature.
  • Secure folder is cool but you could really just use vaulty it's not that serious.
  • @seeyaiphone71, just because people are too stupid to realize that a couple of LG's top flagships are CLEARLY superior to the iphn 6s doesn't mean that LG is doing the wrong thing by adding removable batteries. sales don't equal better. a toyota will never be better than a ferrari even though the toyota sells more
  • Talk about stupid. As soon as you compared LG phones to any other phone, your credibility dropped. Dumb logic that sales don't mean anything. iPhone and Samsung beat the hell out of LG. Every time. Apple has done it without removable batteries since the beginning. What a joke. Better luck next time.
  • Got my 256gb card yesterday-literally an hr later I found out about the recall. Verizon told me they expect to have them at the stores a week from this Monday. Said to check online and if I see them back on there for sale then that means the stores more then likely have them or will have them within in a day or two. I have the silver and I'm exchanging for the black....they said they're extending the return time until the end of Sept and waiving the restocking fee so you can change colors if you choose to with no worries. Have the tiniest scratch on the back of mine and it sticks out like a sore thumb against that silver-no clue how it got there since I've had it cased since it came out of the box. I know-it's in a case so who cares, but just the fact I know about it bugs me a bit. Coming from a note 3 without a single scratch and now this phone with just days into owning it. I must be slipping ;) Good job Samsung for 'owning it' by the way!
  • Samsung didn't use a non-removable battery design for the sake of following a trend. They did it so the phone would be IP68 waterproof.
  • Wasn't the Galaxy S5 IP68 certified as well?
  • No. It was IP67 and required using a stupid flap over the charging port. A flap that most people ended up ripping off...
  • you got him on that one devhux, it was
  • That's not true. Its because they decided to use glass. The market wanted premium stuff, like glass or metal, hence why the s6 sold better than the s5 which was largely criticised for being plastic. And there isn't any glass or metal phone with removable battery except the poorly made ones by lg. And then the lack of ip68 is an added 'bonus',
  • Thank you Jerry. Also to add: If people want to be stupid on their own, ok ... that's weird but ok. But stop telling other people to also be stupid just like you. It's so uncool.
  • I'm really upset about the whole thing. Verizon is wanting me to select a different phone. I want a note 7 and I do think it's smart to exchange your phone. They are only giving us until the end of the month and they doubt the replacements will be in shipped in time. I want my note 7!
  • You can return it for a refund and buy a Note 7 when stock comes back in.
  • If the stock does not come in that's what I will do. I'm not really happy the way they are handling this.
  • Manage your own expectations. Two weeks is not a long time. They need to make the phones before you can get one.
  • This was a nightmare with att. Possible but a day long process with many complaints to corporate.
  • I thought Samsung was saying 1-2 weeks. I'm also with Verison. I thought you could get a complete refund. I want my Note 7 as well not another phone. Either way won't they do the exchange per samsung recall once they are in Reguardless of the date??
  • Starting to like having more Jerry posts. Of course, there's still a debate on whether it's better to have moar Jerry or more Jerry than Jerry...
  • Moar Jerry and more Jerry are both preferable over Jerry.
  • What about the more Jerry than Jerry option?
  • lol
  • This needs to be said over and over and over. I do not understand when the maker of the phone says, "your phone is a hazard, I need to take it back and give you a brand new one" and people doubt that. Samsung is in the business of selling phones, not exchanging them. They wouldn't do this if not necessary.
  • This. Boggles the mind.
  • Absolutely
  • Exactly. If a company is doing something that costs them many millions of dollars of their own free will, you can probably assume that they have a good reason for it. It's the same now as it was when Nvidia did the same thing last year.
  • Here's why I think some people aren't feeling the urgency: "35 incidents out of 1 million phones sold - I have a better chance of winning the lottery!"
  • That's probably true considering if aftermarket USB-C were used. The one that caught fire in Boston was using an aftermarket cable. It was shown in the interview. And we know about the take down of the USB-C aftermarket cables that were hazardous.....
  • Problem is it's not just aftermarket cables. There have been two reports of them catching fire here in Australia. The latest one said the phone wasn't even charging at the time, and when they had charged it they'd only used the official charger and cable. That said, the odds seem pretty tiny. I'd guess though that Samsung are trying to keep them that way. Better to recall now and be seen as proactive than wait till 10,000 have burst into flames or people have been seriously injured or killed.
  • Part of the issue is that CS workers at least for ATT are telling customers it is not a big deal, because they don't want to replace them. I was told by corporate store and Phone CS that it was not a big deal. I returned for a full refund anyway but it was a day long mess.
  • F-ing A, Jerry you nailed it. You write the best articles on here. Return your Note 7 folks. It ain't worth your house burning down or your crotch/ass on fire.
  • Good article,common sense,very well put.
  • Well said Jerry
  • I'll swap towards the middle of the month when the new models are out in the wild.
  • How many of these bought on contract have been sold already. How many will refuse to swap and eventually sell theirs on. There needs to be an IMEI check or safeguard or something. Stupid people will be stupid. (I should know)
  • I think the main reason for some was having to wait weeks to get a replacement, but now that Samsung and carriers Hace made it clear that you CAN wait until there's actual inventory available, that might help ease things up a bit.
  • They haven't said this, it is a voluntary recall and for safety they suggest you swap or return. If you don't they will not be legally responsible for injury or damage to property.
  • I will swapping mine when the new working note7 are out
  • I'll be waiting for new stock to swap out with T-Mobile. I've turned off fast charging and only charge when I'm preset for added safety. Well written article!
  • turned mine in last night got a s7 edge and I cannot wait to get my Note back, but now I won't get a case if they are really having the new Note 7 next week just will be extra careful with the replacement
  • Does the GS7E seem smoother than the Note 7? Some people claim it does but it just seems hard to believe. My Note 7 doesn't seem to have lag (I have the Snapdragon variant too which is supposedly very inconsistent).
  • It's not lag it's just app launching speed.
  • I actually thought the opposite, that my Note 7 is smoother than the S7e I came from. Also I like the additional UI tweaks they made, like the revamped quick settings and notification shade
  • also moved from edge to note and yup its faster and better in every way. no overheating. that edge was always shutting down cuz of hotness.
  • $10.00 cheapo case from amazon or elsewhere, it could be rough going turning back in a loaner that's all busted up.Just a thought.
  • Any damaged loaners are now owned by the person. It has already happened that one was damaged.
  • I'm swapping mime when the new stock is in
  • The unanswered question is what happens while we are waiting for the new stock to come in? I pity Samsung if there are fires for devices waiting for a swap. That said, I'm going to wait to swap it out--thought long and hard about other phones and this is seriously the best phone on the market for me right now, so i'll swap it when I can.
  • Nothing will happen, Samsung has set up swaps to other devices until new stock comes in. If you keep you note 7 you are taking your chances and Samsung won't be responsible.
  • Agreed, swapped mine yesterday.
  • Well label me stupid. I'm typing on mine right now. I don't think I'm smarter than the experts. When they have the straight swap I'll do it but I don't see the reason to swap to a phone that I don't like.
  • +1
    Same here. I know how my current Note 7 looks all around. When I do the swap, I will look at every inch to make sure there are no flaws in the replacement. Only then will I make the transaction.
  • Because you could burn your house down and making the choice not to return or swap puts the fault on you, not Samsung.
  • Sooooo of the Note 7s that have exploded, does anyone know if they have blown up while charging or not charging? Some forums and comments on these stories are talking about the phone spontaneously combusting, like while the phone is not charging. I thought the phones were only exploding while charging. Am I wrong?
  • Last night on the news they reported that one exploded in a man's pocket and caught his leg on fire. So I guess both.
  • What news was that? Do you have a link for the story?
  • It was on Wichita Falls Texas KFDX.
  • Thanks I'll see if I can find the story!
  • Searched but could not find this story.
  • Lolol
  • I am wondering this as well. If they are spontaneously combusting. That is considerably more dangerous. ie when its in your pocket!!!??!!
  • Worse if it was in a Gear VR
  • I had not considered that!!
  • And the other thing that confuses me, I've read that china has different note 7 batteries, but the only report I've seen is of a Chinese guy with his blown up phone... so why aren't the Chinese note 7s under recall?
  • Well the Chinese version wasn't released until 9/2. I haven't heard a person in China had a phone blow up.
  • I was told by att and Samsung that only when charging. Att even supported the rumor that it was related to third party chargers and the battery chip in the phone. The chip can't stop charging the phoned you use other chargers.
  • I can see that third party chargers and cables being at fault. Isn't that why Amazon pulled all USB-C cables from their site that weren't certified with the USB-C standards, causing overcharged batteries and risk of fire. Just hope the replacements have no issues...
  • It's not third party chargers/cables. The one in this article says it was official charger and cables.
  • I get what they are saying to a point...while I don't think you should take a chance on burning your house down; I think part of the concern is that this mass bulk production over a short time line because they are concerned about getting them back on the market may lead to a product that has far worse concerns than your battery. I think they are worried that passing the company's quality control or inspection will simply be bypassed because they will be more concerned with getting the phones back on the market. It seems from some things that I've read (I don't know if it's true or not) that they may have been aware of a possible issue before release. Besides that they aren't going through the proper chain now to ensure that the problem is repaired as it should be. Something with the United States that deals with recalls (sorry I would have to look it up again). So using transferring your stuff to another phone is a crappy excuse, it takes time but your life is more valuable. On the other hand I do understand they are worried that they are worried about the quality not being the same outside of the battery. I had a note 1 and a note 3 prior to purchasing the note 7 and love the note phones but I don't think Samsung did this out of kindness, they did it to prevent lawsuits. Look at thier flat screen TV's. Prior to the issues with those without resolve I was an avid Samsung person but after seeing that they continue to make televisions with the same issues and not stand behind thier products as you can read on the multiple reviews it's made me wonder about them. So far however Samsung note has been one of the best phones. I hope the 7 doesn't change my mind.
  • That sounds like conjecture and fear mongering (by the people that originally said those things, not you specifically). Everyone needs to get over whatever their issue is and get their phones replaced.
  • I, personally do plan on replacing my phone. I'm definitely note keeping a phone that may burn my house, me or anything up in it. I was just saying that I understood that some people may be concerned that these other phones may be thrown together. No, I'm not saying you didn't get that. I'm just clarifying that.
  • They have had the parts made for a very long time. There is no rush, they make thousands at a time.
  • I agree with you, but I don't think these updated units will be put in a week or two. I think we are looking at a month or two before direct swap can even be considered. Samsung cannot afford to have additional issues with this device.
  • And these same people talking about how they're not going to be swap their phone will be the first ones lawyering up if something happens because the phone explodes.
  • Why would anyone sue samsung when it's there decision to hold on to the phone till they release a new batch of note7 it's not like we are going to keep it for 2 yrs
  • Why wouldn't they? By communicating the idea of "Sign up and we’ll let you know when the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 is available?" That communicates that it is not necessarily a serious issue..
  • Too bad that Samsung was smart enough to do a voluntary recall. If you don't swap, you are taking full responsibility for your house burning down etc.
  • it would be better if the did an official recall like Consumer Reports is saying making it illegal for retailers to still sell the phone “Consumer Reports shoppers checked multiple retailers Friday morning, and found the phone for sale at some of them,” it explains. “If Samsung was initiating the recall process, its first step would be to immediately report any issues to the CPSC.” The Consumer Product Safety Act states that a product can be recalled if it “contains a defect which could create a substantial product hazard,” or “creates an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death.” The Galaxy Note 7 could qualify for both of these things.
  • Maybe the retailers are lagging behind? In Australia they've been recalled. When I went to check with my telco (Vodafone) I had a quick browse through their shop, Telstra's and Optus' and all three had pulled the Note7 from display completely. Telstra still had signs up but had removed all handsets. The other two had even removed signage.
  • I was a little surprised when my wife asked me about the recall a little bit ago, because phones are generally not on her radar at all. I'm going to turn mine in, but I'm not in any kind of hurry. I might actually use this time to try out the HTC 10. I always wanted to get one but it wasn't available in store to try out. Or I might wait and see what happens with the V20 next week, or the new iPhone. Or maybe I'll just get a new Note 7 lol.
  • I hear ya, after returning mine I am waiting to see what comes with those phones. If I don't like what I see, I will go with Motorola.
  • I'm going to return it but I can't be without a phone for 2+ weeks... when can we sign up for the replacement?
  • through your cell phone carrier...
  • They will give you a device of your choice until the replacements are available.
  • I got an email from tmobile and this is what it says T-Mobile
    Dear Customer, Samsung notified us today that they are recalling the Galaxy Note7 due to a battery safety concern. There have been 35 cases reported globally as of September 1st. Samsung has communicated to us that they will have replacement Note7 devices that should be available in the next 2-4 weeks. As our customer, your safety is our number one priority. We're making it easy for you to return and exchange your Galaxy Note7, free of charge. You have options:
    1. Sign up and we’ll let you know when the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 is available
    2. Switch to a new device
    3. Return phone for a full refund
    Please click here for more info. Sincerely,