LG G5 save the date for MWC 2016

Mobile World Congress is up next on our conference schedule, and first out of the gate with a teaser is LG. We're very much expecting to see the successor to the popular LG G4 — that'd be the LG G5 — but it's also possible we could see a curveball and have things go in a different direction.

Mobile World Congress

And so with that we turn to LG's save-the-date announcement, pointing to an event on Feb. 21 in Barcelona. We've got a green music box of sorts with "Play Begins" the operative tag line. What that means, of course, is what we've got to figure out.

The G5 has been rumored to have a 5.3-inch QHD display, sporting a Snapdragon 820 processor (though it wouldn't be the first to do so) and 3GB of RAM with 32GB of internal storage. That's standard smartphone stuff. And there's been mention of some sort of modular hardware piece to go along with it — internal, external or extraterrestrial, who knows. And perhaps that could be where the "Play Begins" line comes in. Or it could be that this is the continued differentiation from the new "V" line — that's where the LG V10 comes from — which is meant for more professional content creation.

Only one way to find out. We'll be coming at you from Barcelona in late February.

LG G5 save the date for MWC 2016



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