Plants vs. Zombies -- all 75MB of it -- now in the Amazon Appstore

The wait is over, folks. Plants vs. Zombies for Android is finally available. But it comes with a catch. First is that it's only available in the Amazon Appstore. No biggie. The other is that it's a whopping 75 megabytes. We can already feel your older phone creaking under the weight. (Never mind how long it's taking to actually download the thing. Lady Gaga's Amazon exclusive has nothing on this.) But for all those ones and zeroes, you get 49 killer plants and 26 varieties of zombies.

So get your download on at the link below, as the game is free today.

Download: Amazon Appstore (opens in new tab); Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Phil Nickinson
  • Luckily it lets you install to the sd card lol. My phone gave me low memory warnings until I got it moved over to the sd though.
  • At least you were able to download it. I tried to download before I looked at the size. I tried to get it on my Nexus One with 28MB of space left. hahahahahahaha on me!
  • Too bad it doesn't work on the DROID or my DROID X
  • Works great on my totally stock Droid X.
  • I can't speak for the Droid, but it works great on my Droid X. Are you still on Froyo or Gingerbread?
  • already downloaded. Looks great on the Xoom. Now if I could only get google to release the proper code for a real sd slot. ;-)
  • Oh, that's good. Popcap's last release only worked properly on ONE resolution. I guess they fixed that issue with this. I'll be able to use this on my EVO and Transformer then.
  • The Game looks like total shit if you ask me. I love the game and the last times i played it were on an ipad and the xbox, but this just looks awful on my inspire.
  • Looks good on my Captivate. What phone are you using?
  • sorry dup post
  • Can someone tell me if this game is worth it?
  • Is the game worth $0? Or is it worth 76 MB of storage space? I haven't played the mobile version, but my wife and I played through the PC version. Stellar game. Good for long sessions or short sessions. If you've got the space, I highly recommend it.
  • i have it on my ipad, good game , especially for free
  • It's free & practically all of it moves to the SD card. Why wouldn't it be worth it?
  • Any free app is worth trying out. I download every single free-for-the-day paid app Amazon offers, back it up with Titanium, then delete it if it doesn't serve an immediate purpose for me. (plus Amazon offers the download for later anyway)
  • As of today, my Inspire 4G STILL doesn't have the third-party app setting enabled. Thanks AT&T. I think you have an angry phone call coming to you shortly...
  • Just call 'em and ask to speak to a tech person. They will be able to send you the update no problem. Calling them and being pissy is quite stupid, it doesn't get you anywhere and the people at the call centers have no idea who did and didn't get the update. Just call and be nice, they'll help you out. Also, have you been checking for the update manually? I know on the Captivate, it was pushed out, but it doesn't show "install unknown sources" in the actual phone. I was just able to download the app store and go from there. Have you tried that?
  • I haven't tried that yet. I was under the impression that it should show "Install From Unknown Sources," at least, from the other posters here at Android Central. I'll give it a try! Or, at the very least, I'll contact AT&T and see if they can do something... :-)
  • Just installing it didn't work. I've tried restarting my phone every day or so for the past two weeks, as well as trying to get updates manually. No dice. ...guess I'll be calling them... :-(
  • Just let 'em know. They can usually send the update over the air. You should be able to get it today.
  • I've been on the phone with AT&T tech support almost all day. They don't know what's going on. It's VERY frustrating. Long story short, they forwarded me their internal e-mail saying that everyone SHOULD have gotten the update by May 25th, and if you didn't get it by that date, then they can do it manually if you call them. I did so and then tried pushing it. Almost 2 hours later, I still don't have the update, after 2 reboots of my phone and various other tries at the HTC Wifi Software Update functionality. AT&T is referring me to HTC themselves, and they aren't being all that helpful, either. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath. As far as I'm concerned, AT&T owes me $2.99 to buy this game because they couldn't get me the update they promised in the time-frame allotted...
  • What? AT&T has terrible customer service? :) Just so you know, Sprint will pay your ETF if you switch...and they have always allowed 3rd party apps (they even neglected to block access to wifi tethering apps, which ever other carrier has...not that it matters, most people who know how to root the phone can sideload non market apps, but still...)
  • You can still "purchase" the free app of the day through your account online everyday. When you get the 3rd party access, then you'll have everything waiting to be installed.
  • Sadly, won't work. Just tried. It just prompts me to download the Appstore, which I can't do. Well, I can download it, I just can't INSTALL it.
  • Make double sure that you have set the phone to allow non-market apps. Should work then...
  • works fine on the droid charge
  • works great on my DX running GB .596
  • My wife got it on her Epic this morning. I tried to d/l it on my Evo, but it didn't finish before I had to leave the house (and wifi for the day). It said it wasn't compatible with my daughter's Transform though.
  • I don't understand why developers will limit distribution of their applications by making them exclusive to Amazon.
    I would love to have access to Amazon app store but living in Norway that is a no go. I have been an Amazon customer for several years and even contacted them to ask if or when the app store will be available outside of the US. What I got was a polite non-answer.
    What a bummer! There are quite a few Android users not living in the US. I wouldn't call it a "no biggie".
    Oh well, I'll just continue playing my ad-infested version of Angry Birds Rio...
  • Amazon has better anti-piracy measures in place, and better visibility for paid apps. The Google Market is a bit of a mess (I remember searching for the Netflix app on the day of release and the OFFICIAL app was buried on the 2nd page of results! They fixed that after a couple days but still...) and there is no unified DRM policy in place. Dont worry, Amazon will have their App Store (tm) up and running in several countries before too much longer.
  • Works on the Droid X running the .340 Froyo update. However, I cannot get it to run from the SD card. Maybe it does run, but it took so long I copied it back to the phone. I launched it from there and it seemed OK.
  • Works great on my Nexus S (Sprint). I don't understand why the file size is so damn large, but thankfully I have the room.
  • Game works great on Epic 4G. Netflix and PvsZ in the same month. There are now no more iphone apps I'm jealous of.
  • Man, I'm not in the US so I am going to miss out on this free version the Amazon App Store.
  • Just downloaded this morning on my Thunderbolt - so cool to be able to play this on a bigger screen. Working great so far. Graphics smooth. Having this with Google Music, I may never have to pick up my iPod Touch again.
  • Great and Europe (Germany to be specific) is doomed again...arghhhhhhhh
  • It works great on my G2! I have a feeling it will be too much for my Daughters Optimus T though.
  • Give it a shot. Runs OK on my Optimus S. It is a little slow loading, but once it does, it's definitely playable.
  • I wish I had more hands so I could give this game 4 thumbs up! And free to boot man what an awesome month for android.
  • "The Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States." => FAIL :-P I love this game on PC/Steam...
  • Working great on droidx running GB. Yeah it took A LONG TIME to download(but thats to be expected with its size). Grab it today while its free. You cant beat that price for a good game. If you like pvz on the pc or the evil devices, grab it today for droid.
  • Seriously incompatible with the OG Droid? Thanks Popcap... Also thanks Amazon for not letting me buy it anyway. Guess I'll just have to steal it later.
  • If you open the Amazon App store on your computer browser, it will warn you that it is not compatible, but still allow you to purchase it. I have an Original Droid w/Cyanogen 7. I was able to install it, though when I try to run it, it comes up with an hourglass for a little bit then quits to the Android home screen. It could be the 'incompatible' part they reference, or it could be that my phone has less free memory then what PvZ needs to execute. I am soooo looking forward to a new phone with more space for my apps.
  • Thanks for that 1, I was thinking about trying that because I just (partially?) bricked my Nook last night. It shouldn't be hard to fix, I think it'll still boot to SD, but I haven't tried yet and I was worried I'd miss out on this. Looks like I don't even have to rush to fix it.
  • Had 99mb free space on my Epic prior to DL, after moving to SD card have 127mb free space. How is this possible? Game has crashed twice in 2 tries when trying to exit.
  • You might try putting it back onto your phone's storage. Apps-2-SD doesn't always work like it should.
  • Well got it this morning but it did not finish downloading before I had to walk out the door.
  • Works and looks great on the EVO Shift. You seem to have to install to the phone and then move to the SD card though. I am not sure what happens if you try to install to a phone with less than enough memory. Would be nice if you could choose to immediately install to the SD card.
  • This is my first Amazon Appstore app. Why must I stay logged in to the Appstore for this to work? Please tell me there is a way around this...I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with this so much to the point that I simply won't use it if there isn't a work around.
  • I refuse to use it already. Free apps shouldn't need credit card info, that's just asinine.
  • I sort of feel the same but at least you can use your normal Amazon account if you have one and don't have to make an entirely new account for the mobile app store. It is the only reason I decided to give it a try because all it took was signing into my Amazon account.
  • @ Garapueto & TuxDotKing: Your loss. I have gotten no less than 10 GREAT apps that I use frequently since the start of the Appstore's "Free App of the Day". And even more that I have "purchased" but not installed because I either don't have an immediate use for them now, or want to see how they progress because they are good but have a little missing from being great. Lots of free things require an account or a valid credit card on file to work. (Netflix, iTunes, etc.) Amazon has been around forever & I have been purchasing thigs from them for probably a decade now without any security issues. They have earned my trust, but if you are one of the "tin-foil hat" wearing crowd, that is your choice, but again, you have missed out on A LOT already & will keep doing so.
  • While I too agree I shouldn't have to give my CC info for a free purchase, I can understand the mentality and structure of the site i.e. the majority are not free and require payment info to purchase. The real issue I have is that I don't want/need to be connected constantly to run my apps. I pay, you give, end of transaction. Keeping me connected to you does nothing more than leave another thing running on my phone that doesn't need to be there. Based on that, I don't feel I've missed out on anything at all...
  • I don't understand. I have downloaded the game and when I play it the app store isn't running and when I exit the game and look at my running processes it doesn't show the app store as running.
  • Try clearing the cache of the Appstore or uninstalling it and see if you have the same results.
  • It merely stores the information and has a token. your are logged in so that it can check to make sure the app is legit and not a stolen copy. You dont even need to be connected to internet as it still works in airplane mode. it doesnt use any extra resources, in fact it doesnt even show on my running services.... Also if your phone is powerful enough to run PvZ and your complaining about the chance it may use less than 1MB or so of ram(out of 256 - 512 at least) then you've got other issues Dont hate until you try
  • I'm not one of the "tin-foil hat" crowd. I'd have no problem with it, except I'm one of the "I don't have a credit card, and can't just go out and get one" crowd. Unfortunately, not all of us have credit cards. It'd make getting things a lot easier if I did, but I can't right now. I understand why Amazon does it. It doesn't make things any less asinine on my end though. PS: I don't know about Netflix, but iTunes works fine just off of gift cards, which are available in almost any store. Not to mention that things that are free on iTunes, like subscribing to podcasts do not require credit card info.
  • Can you not put in a gift card as your primary payment method on the Amazon account? Why not give that a try. I don't know if it works or not..I have never tried since I am an adult with a bank account & a debit card.
  • You shouldnt need to stay logged in, you will just need to log in to download, and it will verify you purchased it the first time you run it. After that, it only checks in periodically. You CAN play the game with the phone (or tablet) completely offline.
  • For people outside US: Here is a guide how to access and download free apps outside US. Tested it out today, works and easy! Plants vs Zombies is awesome :) Galaxy S II
  • Working great on my Motorola Atrix 4G of course I had to enable sideloading.
  • It's working perfectly on my Thunderbolt! It downloaded quickly and I put it on my SD card and I started playing. This is certainly one of the best games of all times! I have PvZ for my PC, MAC, Ipod Touch and now my Thunderbolt! Life is good! (I know that's an exaggeration but it takes so little to make my day)! :D
  • The only issue I have encountered is it force closes every time I exit on the EVO Shift. It has to reload sense every time which is slightly annoying.
  • What prevents it from working on the Moto Droid? I was able to work around and get it installed but it just showed the Pop Cap Icon then closed.
  • Now we just need Peeeeeeeeeeggggggggggglllllllllleeeeee *drool*
    Very excited about this - love playing this game on my laptop, but it's ideal for touch screens. Is it the "best" tower defense game out there - nah - is it fun - yes, sir.