What you need to know

  • Renders of the new Pixel 4 fabric cases have leaked.
  • The cases will come in black, gray, and a new light blue color.
  • The fabric used this year is a thicker weave.

Google will officially announce the Pixel 4 smartphones on October 15 at its Made by Google event. With there being only one more day before the event and the phone thoroughly leaking weeks ago, you would think there isn't anything left to learn.

The leaks just keep on coming, however, and now we're getting our first look at renders for the official fabric cases that'll be available for the phones.

The above image comes to us via Twitter from notable leaker Ishan Agarwal, and it shows off the cases in black, blue, and gray. While Google has used fabric cases in the past, this year, the cases differ by using a thicker weave pattern. The chunkier fabric weave looks as if it will add a lot more texture to the cases and make them easier to grip.

The previous Pixel 3 lineup featured four colors, including black (Carbon), dark blue (Indigo), gray (Fog), and pink (Pink Moon). From the render, we can see the Pixel 4 lineup will include at least three colors at launch, including a black, gray, and new light blue color.

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There is no word yet on what clever names Google will come up with this year for the different colors. We're not sure if Carbon and Fog will be reused for the black and gray models, or what the new lighter blue option could be called.

Besides the thicker weave and new color options, we're also seeing that Google decided to use a contrasting color for the Google logo on the black and gray models. The orange on gray, in particular, has a really nice look to it and is my favorite of the bunch.

If Google follows in its footsteps from last year, the new Pixel 4 fabric cases should go on sale at the same time as the phones for $40 each.

Google Pixel 4: Leaks, Release Date, Specs, and News!

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