Xiaomi's next foldable phone could be a total powerhouse

Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 review
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What you need to know

  • Xiaomi may be gearing up to disrupt the foldable smartphone market with its upcoming flagship, the MIX Fold 4.
  • A new rumor points to significant upgrades in build quality, particularly a sturdier body and hinge design, which could minimize creasing on the folding screen.
  • The MIX Fold 4 is expected to offer top-notch performance with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, along with a massive 16GB RAM and 1TB storage.

Xiaomi is preparing to shake things up in the foldable smartphone race with its upcoming flagship, the MIX Fold 4. While it might still be a while before it hits store shelves, some juicy details about what to expect from the device are starting to surface.

According to a scoop shared by Digital Chat Station on Weibo, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 might be a huge upgrade with a sturdier body and hinge (via PhoneArena). The tipster says this new hinge will mean less creasing on the folding screen.

Under the hood, the MIX Fold 4 could be rocking Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which makes sense since it's going to be another flagship from Xiaomi. Plus, rumor has it that the foldable phone will pack a whopping 16GB of RAM and a massive 1TB of storage.

The battery on board is rumored to be 5000mAh, with support for 100W charging. To put things in perspective, the MIX Fold 3 had a 4800mAh battery with 67W charging.

According to DCS, the phone might sport a 50MP main camera with a fixed, wide aperture. There's also talk about a new periscope camera that could potentially replace its predecessor's 5x 10MP sensor with a higher-resolution shooter, promising better long-range zoom capabilities.

Xiaomi may also have new tricks up its sleeve. As per the tipster, the upcoming foldable phone could come equipped with two-way satellite communications and even water resistance. If that turns out to be true, it looks like Samsung might have some serious competition to deal with.

However, Xiaomi might decide to reserve some of these features exclusively for the domestic market.

The Xiaomi MIX Fold series has traditionally been limited to the Chinese market, but according to a recent leak, the MIX Fold 4 might just break that trend and see a global release.

The foldable phone race continues to become more intense than we expected, with companies rolling out some seriously impressive models, and Xiaomi seems poised to raise the bar even further.

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